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Oversize or Overweight Permits

  • Click Here to download our moving permit for oversized / overweight vehicles

Moving that new home to your land over Mason County roads?

Anyone hauling a load or driving a vehicle in excess of the legal weight or size limitations is required to have a permit before moving on Mason County roads (and a State permit for state roads).

In general, the Maximum Legal Dimensions:

Width:  8 feet
Height: 14 feet
Length:  Single Truck 40 feet
Truck and Trailer 75 feet
Trailer 53 feet.
Weight: Single axle: 20,000 lbs
Tandem axle: 34,000 lbs
Tire size: 500 lbs maximum per inch width

See RCW 46.44.041 for the Washington State Vehicle Table

There are also exceptions and additional requirements for oversize loads depending on the load, size of the load, total truck/trailer length and the route. See RCW 46.44 and WAC 468-38 for detailed information. For Mason County Permits, Call Public Works, Phone (360) 427-9670 Ext 450.