Appraisers are physically inspecting Area 2 of Mason County, which includes neighborhoods in the City of Shelton, Island Lake and Arcadia.

  • A physical inspection, required by RCW 84.41.041, routinely includes an outside observation of the property in order to verify any changes, which could include the addition of new improvements and reviewing for signs of depreciation outside of the normal age of the property.
  • The assessor’s office also relies upon the property owner for information. Taxpayers are encouraged to help by providing up-to-date and accurate property information whenever possible.
  • Current physical inspections are a part of the 2019 assessment process, which will be for property taxes payable in 2020.
The County Assessor, or any employee designated by the assessor, does have the right to access your property in order to make an inspection for valuation purposes, pursuant to RCW 84.40.025.

  • The annual Assessor's Notice of Value was mailed to Mason County taxpayers on August 24th. Please review this News Release for additional information.

    Updated sales information is available on the Sales Data page.

  • New Office Hours for 2018: the Assessor’s Office is open to the public Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  



Melody Peterson
Mason County Assessor

This website is designed for residents and visitors seeking information about real estate as it relates to the property tax system in Mason County. Our primary responsibility to the taxpayers of Mason County is to establish fair and equitable value for all real and personal property.


The Assessor's Role

The Assessor is responsible for maintaining a list of all real and personal property parcels, including assessment of value and current ownership.  As required by law, the Assessor prepares, possesses and updates a complete set of maps drawn from legal descriptions, to indicate all parcel configurations for land in the County.  The Assessor sets current market values and calculates levies based on the taxing district’s budgets.  This office also administers senior/disability property tax exemptions, and forest or agriculture programs. This office works to treat everyone fairly and promptly. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us:

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