The WRIA 16 Watershed Team concerns itself with the marine waters of Hood Canal in addition to the surface and ground waters that feed into it.

The Watershed Team has helped to improve Hood Canal by:

  • Addressing the need for better sanitation options along the Skokomish River for recreationists
  • Providing education on pesticide- and fertilizer-reduction and promoting alternatives
  • Reviewing and communicating the results of low dissolved oxygen studies
  • Coordinating local input on the development of regional governance for Hood Canal
  • Commenting on Shoreline Master Program Updates and promoting alternatives to shoreline structures
  • Initiating legislation to segregate WRIA 14b and include it with WRIA 16 planning activities and assessments
  • Providing a website with helpful Hood Canal phone numbers and links
Dosewallips River Estuary Dosewallips River Estuary. Photo: Tami Pokorny