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Overview: Mason County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer groups are formed by members of a neighborhood or workplace who want to be better prepared for the hazards that threaten their communities.

CERT Roles During an Emergency: The best source of help in an emergency or disaster is the paid or volunteer professional responder. But if they are not available to address immediate life-saving needs or to protect property, CERT members can help. CERTs are not intended to replace a community's response capability, but rather, to serve as an important supplement to it.

CERT members must keep their safety in mind as their first priority. CERT volunteers must know their capabilities and the limitations of their training and equipment and work within those limitations. When a disaster occurs and responders are not immediately available, CERTs can assist by:

  • Conducting an initial size-up in their homes or workplaces.
  • Reducing immediate dangers by turning off utilities, suppressing small fires, evacuating the area, and helping others.
  • Treating people in the immediate area.
  • Working with CERT members and volunteers to establish a command post, staging area, and medical triage and treatment areas.
  • Collecting damage information and developing a plan of operation based on life-saving priorities and available resources.
  • Applying their training to situations where CERT members can make a difference.
  • Establishing and maintaining communication with responders.
CERTs have proven themselves to be an active and vital part of their communities' preparedness and response capability. CERT is a valuable program for everyone, because it encourages everyone to be involved in neighborhood and workplace preparedness. Everyone brings some skills to the CERT program.
Mason County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program

CERT On-Line Course: Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams is an independent study course that serves as an introduction to CERT for those wanting to complete training or as a refresher for current team members. The on-line Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams course is at:

CERT Course Syllabus: To receive a CERT certificate you must complete the 20 hour course.

CERT Code of Conduct: Volunteers represent the Mason County CERT Program to the public and to those to whom you render your services.

CERT Member Equipment List: CERT members are encouraged to put together CERT kits.

CERT Community Handout: CERT members are encouraged to know your neighbors.

CERT Training Application: To receive an application for the next CERT training course contact your local Fire Station or the Mason County DEM at 360-427-9670 ext 801.