October 10, 2000

At 9:04 a.m. the meeting was called to order by Chairperson John A. Bolender with the flag salute. Commissioners Cynthia D. Olsen and Mary Jo Cady were in attendance.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to approve the August 8 & September 26 meeting minutes as presented. Motion carried unanimously. B-abstain; C-aye; O-aye.




Received a petition with 35 signatures requesting the County chip seal a portion of Ford Loop Road.


A petition signed by 38 residents and property owners on Lost Lake requested the County set special restrictions on Lost Lake for reduced speed before 10 am and after 7 pm.


The North Mason Senior Citizens Association has requested $3,500 from the 2001 county budget. Copy forwarded to Budget & Finance.



Mason County Fire Protection District No. 1 submitted a copy of their resolution and budget for 2001.


Thomas Edmonds, applicant




Dorene Rae, Treasurer presented a proposed resolution for cancellation of warrants which are outstanding and over one year old. The totals for the outstanding warrants are; Current Expense $10,270.54; Salary Fund $917.42; and Auditors O & M $77.00.

Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to approve Resolution No. 103-00 authorizing the cancellation of warrants as presented by the Treasurer, according to RCW 39.56.040. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye. Resolution No. 103-00 (Exhibit A)


Michael MacSems, Community Development, asked the Board to set a hearing for consideration of a utility easement removal between Lots 48 & 49 of Lakeland Village Division 12.

Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to set a public hearing to consider removal of easements at Lakeland Village, Division 12, Lots 48 & 49 on November 7 at 9:15 a.m. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye.


It was requested the Board approve an agreement with Parametrix Inc. Gary Yando, Utilities & Waste Management Director explained that the agreement provides for the consultant to prepare a plan according to a Scope of Work for the Beards Cove Water System.

The Board questioned how Parametrix Inc. was selected.

Mr. Yando stated Parametrix went through the request for proposal process and was chosen after review and interviews from those that submitted proposals.

The Board asked if this consultant would provide the Scope of Work at the lowest cost.

Mr. Yando noted to the best of his knowledge, the proposal came in fairly close to what completed at Hartstene Pointe.

Commissioner Bolender referred to a recent report about the Johns Prairie gravel mine prepared by Parametrix, Inc. in which there were a number of questions regarding the content and accuracy of information. He believed the County should take into consideration past performance. They have had relatively good performance from the contractor, but he is a little reserved about issuing another contract at this time due to the recent report.

Mr. Yando responded they have not had any problems with them. The Johns Prairie gravel mine is a separate issue and it has to do with water and sewer and garbage. Parametrix Inc. is still under contract with the County on the monitoring program at the landfill. They have been very cooperative as far as cost over the years.

Cmmr. Cady commented in the six years she has been with the County they havent had any problem with the consultant.

Mr. Yando stated if the consultant is not doing the job accurately then he as Utilities & Waste Management Director would withdraw the contract.

Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to approve the consultant services agreement between Parametrix, Inc. and Mason County and authorize the chairperson to sign said document. The agreement allows Parametrix to move forward with the preparation of a small water system comprehensive plan and wellhead protection program for the Beards Cove Water System in accordance with the Department of Health Guidelines. The work to be performed is included in the scope of work at a cost not to exceed $15,019 unless approved by the Director of Utilities & Waste Management. Motion carried unanimously. B-nay; C-aye; O-aye.


Public Health Services Director Steve Kutz requested authorization to post, advertise, and hire a replacement position for Program Manager. The Program Manager in Personal Health, Carla Hyuck, resigned effective October 6, 2000. The primary duties of the position are working with HIV education program and tobacco program. It is a budgeted Program Manager position.

The Board noted she has been an asset to the community.

Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to authorize the Director of Public Health Services to post, advertise and hire a Program Manager. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye.


Jerry Hauth, Public Works Director, asked for permission to fill four positions for the Mason County Road Department. Two positions would be Teamsters and two positions would be Operators.

Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to authorize Public Works to post/advertise/interview and subsequently hire to fill four positions (2 Teamsters/2 Operators) for the Mason County Road Department. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye.


The Board was presented Amendment No. 5 to the consultant agreement with Skillings-Connolly, Inc. for the Skokomish River Flood Analysis. This would extend the contract to November 30, 2000 and the contract amount would remain the same at $203,440.

Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded the Board authorize the Chairperson to execute Amendment No. 5 of Agreement No. 99033-2 with Skillings-Connolly, Inc. for the Skokomish River Flood Analysis, extending the "Time for Completion" from September 30, 2000, to November 30, 2000. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye.


It was announced that Public Works would be spraying herbicides on Mason County Roads for vegetation controls beginning on or after October 11, 2000 weather permitting. They will honor any previous requests to not spray. This is the program similar to the past several years. Notifications will be sent to the newspaper and the hotline.


Betty Wing, Community Development Director, requested permission to post, advertise and hire a person to fill the Planner V position that has been vacated. The current Planner V, Bob Fink, has been promoted to a Planning Manager.

Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to authorize to post, advertise and hire a Planner V position. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye.


The Assessors office is requesting a hearing be set to consider the 1999 applications for Current Use/Open Space and Current Use Timber programs. Suggested date is 11/7/00 at 9:30 a.m.

Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to establish a hearing on November 7, 2000 at 9:30 a.m. to consider the 1999 current use/open space and current use timber programs. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye.


At 9:30 a.m. the Board held a public hearing to consider the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for 2001 - 2006. Handouts were provided for those in the audience to follow along with the proposed Six Year TIP outlining 32 priorities. Public Works Director Jerry Hauth explained the handouts provide the proposal which is reflected in the format required by RCW and a proposal showing the various projects and a little bit more comprehensive narrative and a compilation of the priority array and the analysis that went into the development.

He requested the Board execute a resolution as required by law for the 2001 through 2006 Six Year Road Program. This has been done after a number of meetings with the citizens advisory panel, after soliciting public comments and conducting open houses.

The fish issues in permitting have had a significant impact on getting permits that would enable Public Works to perform any construction.

Items 1 6 identified in the new priority list are classified as maintenance. They are items that historically have been budgeted as similar amounts and what would be expected for new construction maintenance.

Items 7 & 8 are planning or developing new programs. 101 Connector & Belfair Bypass Study and GIS Planning & Development.

Items 9 32 are the beginning of projects the County has been trying to take forward for the past few years.

Item 9 - Crestview Drive Currently they are in the final stages of negotiation of a mitigation site on that project and should be able to submit for the final permit review.

Item 10 Cloquallum 1 They have received no feedback on the project for a number of months where it May be in the Corps of Engineers permitting process.

Item 11 Belfair-Tahuya 2 Commonly referred to as the Collins Lake project. It is actually being reviewed currently. It has been a complete package for the last 12 months for the National Marine Fisheries review.

Items 12 14 - Old Olympic Highway and Grapeview Loop 3 & 4 - They have just submitted letters to the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the Old Olympic Highway requesting an extension or within the next week or so anticipate going in front of the County Road Administration Board for the two Grapeview projects requesting time extensions.

Item 15 Belfair Bypass (new road) Proposed for 2002 for completion of the preliminary design and final design and the first phase of construction. It is still a schematic representation. They are probably six months away from being able to say this is the alignment and preferred alternative.

Items 16 & 17 Bear Creek Dewatto 2 & 3 They also have funding available and a timeline associated with that funding.

Item 18 Rasor Road 1 (new road for east end access) This is the one new project which was inserted. One of the outcomes of the public comments solicitation was the residents in the community really expressed an interest in any type of alternative to what they currently have which is a run coming down to Highway 106 which is unreliable and relatively unsafe. The Rasor Road is shown schematically. They have recently sent letters to the Bonneville Power Administration to ask them to reconsider opening the gate temporarily, who would allow an interim solution while they try to determine a potential alignment for a temporary road.

Items 19 20 McClane Cove Bridge & Grapeview Loop 2 Two projects that have been identified together which need to be done. The timeline hopefully is next year they would be getting well into the design and construction. Based on the permitting timelines, this could slide.

The Board questioned how long ago the Arcadia Road project that goes out to the Point was complete.

Mr. Hauth stated it was identified last year by the citizens advisory panel for inclusion on the TIP. The intent is it would complete the loop around Arcadia and Lynch Road.

Chairperson Bolender questioned about the priority of Rasor Road above the McClane Cove Bridge that is an identified safety issue in the Grapeview Loop Road.

Mr. Hauth responded both projects are prioritized the same year. Just numerically to bring McClane Cove Bridge up on the list they would need to also bring the Grapeview Loop Road project up.

Drew Noble, TIPCAP Advisory Board, supports the program. He expressed he does not want to see anything connecting Rasor Road to Trails Road until there is somewhere for the traffic to go other than Mason Lake Road.

Ed Edmiston, TIPCAP Advisory Board, he was concerned that it appears peoples homes are expendable. If they want to divert traffic it would be to the North Shore. The members have asked for public disclosure of members of committee and there has been resistance. He believes in open government and that people who are involved in committees that have personal or financial gain should be disclosed. He felt the rural road areas are under assault, because there are people that seem to say make the road a little wider. He stressed concern that homeowners are not fully informed about the impact road projects have on their homes. The road is a multi-use product and is not limited to the drivers. There are animals, children, bicycles, etc. He was concerned that the Belfair Bypass project not subsidize any specific group.

Norm Eveleth, TIPCAP Advisory Board, commended the Public Works staff for the time and effort put in as well as the materials provided. He is in favor of the TIP plan and liked the format used. Most of the committee members have gone out and looked at the roads. He was concerned that they have not partially been involved with the Belfair Bypass project and are voting on the TIP. The concept has been acceptable. He doesnt want to approve the Rasor Road, which could be construed as having a part of the 101 Connector Road.

The County interjected the Rasor Road is considered a stand-alone project.

Bob Allen, TIPCAP Advisory Board, hoped to see some good common sense. The plan appears to utilize common sense. Those who live in the Grapeview Loop area would really like to see the improvements. The roads that seem to be the most controversial at this time are the 101 Connector, which TIPCAP was not involved with directly, and the Belfair Bypass Road. He supports the Belfair Bypass Road although it too has not been thoroughly identified. As they go about identifying where they might be set they might also take into consideration other bypass roads such as in Sequim. There are other more urban areas with soundproofing, visual aids. He mentioned that two of his friends who live in the bypass road area are very concerned about whats going to happen with their properties. The lifestyle they know and have known for many years, they bought so they could have privacy and security.

As Port Commissioner of Grapeview, he stated road transportation issues from Port Townsend to Port of Olympia are a great concern. The Port of Allyn is taking a look at issues that would benefit the County and more specifically the North Mason area. There are benefits to downtown areas of bypasses rather than the reverse that a lot of people perceive. He hoped to see the Belfair Bypass truly protect as many property rights of those people being affected when the path is decided. He discovered in many cases in the last ten years when the first Growth Management Act legislation came from the state, many citizens hold back and wait for plans to be totally completed before they decide to comment on them and they are fairly negative comments.

He commented on the Rasor Road project from a safety standpoint alone. It is a fairly inexpensive project and lends itself to other changes should they be necessary in the future whether that is six years or later.

Gary Cronce thanked all those who were present and a part of the public process and decision making. He was opposed to combining the 101 Connector and Belfair Bypass project. He believed that many of the people have varying opinions.

The Board clarified they are projects which are not combined.

Shirley Willeiksen, TIPCAP Advisory Board, presented a collective statement by five members of the TIPCAP (Ed Edmiston, Norm Eveleth, Constance Ibsen, John Komen, and Shirley Willeiksen).

She reviewed the process of the Transportation Improvement Program Citizen Advisory Program (TIPCAP) Advisory Committee which was established by the Commissioners in 1999 to the present. The members understood the last TIPCAP meeting would be in October and were surprised when the public hearing was established without further comments from the advisory committee. They felt their comments were not fully regarded as they had anticipated.

Constance Ibsen, TIPCAP Advisory Board Member, began her discussion about a letter received from Jerry Hauth. She questioned what the hurry is. The Six-Year TIP at the local level is supposed to be a planning tool for local government to look at their road project. It is not due to the PRTPO until December. At any time they take amendments. She again stated, she was taken back by the hurriedness in why it was so necessary. She felt it is an incomplete tool because they dont have the County road budget and the numbered projects included. It is not a very informed decision making document and not an accountable as it stands alone. She expressed concern about project #15 North Shore Road where they have clustered apparently up to (from what I read in the paper) 15 identified sites that May cost up to $15 million to fix. This road is practically the only way in and out for those citizens who live along that roadway. No where is that for them to look at and set policy on. The whole process seems to be somewhat incomplete. The second thing she would have bought up if they had the meeting would have been the fact that the County needs a legal opinion regarding its liability and responsibility for the Countys involvement if any on the existing Rasor Road. Because of the August 28, 1998 letter from the Public Works Director to Janet Russell resident along Rasor Road that was identified by some Rasor Road residents that came to some of their meetings. In that letter it states the Countys position on the Rasor Road has changed from having no responsibility for maintenance on the road to one of potential incorporation of the Rasor Road in a regional road or at the very least the need to connect a new Rasor Road with the regional road (101 Connector). Because of the delays associated with above, the Board of Commissioners agreed to permit the Road Department to start providing the regular maintenance as needed on the westerly end of the Rasor Road.

In the beginning it talks about historically it has not been in the road system, but they now have an interest. If she were a resident of Rasor Road she would want it to say that the county will come in and help maintain the road. She felt now there is talk about a stub on an easterly end. This talks about a westerly end. It talks about some maintenance. She felt there needs to be a legal opinion on what is the Countys involvement in the road project. She also would have brought up at the October 11 meeting some additions and deletions to the TIP. Last year WD Budding 1 & 2 were on the list for space savers for future Rasor Road 101 Connector. She believed now there is a very important safety project that is yet to be identified in the Lynch Road area that there should be a space saver and some significant monies by the County. The WD Budding is not on the list. She felt they need to identify and let citizens know it is a priority in the next six years to spend money on the 101 Lynch Road intersection. Also, she expressed concerned about projects that have been deleted such as Haven Way 2, Trails Road 3, Wingert Road which was briefly discussed last year. Maybe the state should take care of that because it goes to a state park. Spencer Lake Road, Hurley Waldrip Road, South Island Road, South Island Drive 2, North Island Drive 2, Highland Road, Sandhill Road 2 & 3, Pickering 4 all seemed to have disappeared. She questioned if the projects were so worthy what happened to them. Is there another list somewhere. Also, some of the projects were identified pre-1989. The problem is citizens are told it needs to get on the TIP, they missed their chance, come back next year and let the Commissioners know and get it on the TIP. When they start disappearing from the TIP then people are somewhat left in a quandary. She understood they need to be flexible and have limited dollars. She asked that the process be a little more accountable. She questioned where they went. Maybe some of them were fixed. The last thing that is sad is she heard from Jerry Hauth, Public Works Director and the commissioners individually state the idea of disclosure of conflicts of interest by committee members would lead to people not volunteering for committees in the County. She felt the treatment that the committee received was to accept and trust the information given. When they started questioning the information there seemed to be a little tension and their deliberations were cut short. The feeling of being used for documented public participation is the reason why people dont want to participate in committees. They feel the deliberations have been dismissed. It is time for the County to realize it cannot afford not having a County Administrator. If there was a County Administrator, perhaps members of the committee could have gone forth and discussed the problems of the committee with that administrator.

Chairperson Bolender encouraged this issue is brought back to the Board during the budget deliberations and hearings. It would be an appropriate place to consider the administrator position.

Constance Ibsen concluded that she would also bring up county road project #15 on the TIP, which is the cluster of projects on the North Shore.

Tim Wing, Belfair Chamber of Commerce, voiced support of the Belfair Bypass. He understood in the Mason County historical collection there is a drawing of the Belfair Bypass which goes about the same route as the current Bypass. The drawing was completed in the late 1950s. The current plans for a Belfair Bypass started with the Subarea Plan in the Belfair community in 1988. In 1996, a group was brought together to put together some sort of a plan for the Belfair area. In 1999, the plan was revisited and people had an opportunity of coming up with a plan for the future of the Belfair area. It was required by Growth Management Act and a lot of people were not happy with the way Belfair was growing.

There has been a long history for the need for a bypass around Belfair and a long history of people involved with the planning. He has not been happy with the inclusion of the Belfair Bypass in the study for 101 Connector. It could bring out opposition for the Belfair Bypass. The state law requires the County to have urban growth areas and has forced the development of an urban growth area in Belfair. Part of the rules of the urban growth area is that 65% of the future growth of the County is supposed to go inside the urban growth areas. That includes Shelton and Belfair and possibly Allyn. He believed the Belfair Bypass is the best thing that can be done for the area. It will allow for development and expansion. There have been concerns expressed that the Bypass will benefit a few. He felt all would benefit by having less traffic on the roads. Road constructions, accidents can stop the traffic completely. It can benefit most of the families in the area by providing a place for them to have an affordable place to live within an urban growth area. He felt another benefit of the Bypass would be taxes. Jobs that are created in small industries also create a tax base. The North Mason area is currently supported almost entirely residential property taxes. They dont have any decent size businesses. He urged the Board to keep the projects separate for Belfair Bypass and 101 Connector. He stressed people should not be opposed to the Belfair Bypass because it might become part of a bigger road sometime in the future.

John Komen, TIPCAP Advisory Board, presented a written statement, which is the opinion of five members of the TIPCAP (Norm Eveleth, Ed Edmiston, Constance Ibsen, Shirley Willeiksen and John Komen).

He asked that Item #7 101 Connector and Belfair Bypass study be deleted; Item #15 Belfair Bypass (new road) be deleted); Item #18 Rasor Road 1 (new road for east end access) be deleted; and Item #8 GIS Planning & Development be set aside.

Billie Eckstrom stated the people on the road want a safe access to Highway 3. A lot of people consider Rasor Road a private road. We have seen a letter from the County indicating it is a County but non-maintained road. She was concerned that though they are taxed they dont see any actual improvements. She felt their road is unsafe. The school buses cannot pick up children.

She stated this is an emotional issue for her as her 13-year-old daughter was injured due to an accident to the spinal cord.

Max Loya was concerned that the human element has been pushed by the wayside by corporations and technology. He stated the Belfair Bypass project needs to be changed because it will impact a lot of residents who have lived in the area for years. He asked the Commissioners to ask the Public Works Director to come up with an alternate route so they dont have to displace people in the Bypass area. He stated one person has a business. He questioned if he will be paid for the business.

Vivian Mitchell Item #9 - Crestview Drive Expressed appreciation that the Crestview Drive project is moving through. She voiced support of the Rasor Road project that is 1320 to 2640 long. She understood the County is obligated to preserve the safety of the people such as law enforcement, emergency aid, etc. It is a very bad place for a school bus to have to stop. She commented she looked at the landslide hazard area map. The access road that runs down to Highway 106 is in the landslide hazard area. Since the major portion of the Olympic Peninsula is a giant gravel bar, depending on whether it is very dry or wet, the road could leave the people stranded in a landslide event.


Teri Bacon stated she lives within the Belfair Bypass area. She is not looking forward to having to go out and look for property and perhaps dig a well. She asked that Public Works come up with an alternate plan to not impact the few people on the road.

Richard Weatherwax stated he lives off of Rasor Road. He referred back to Public Works letter referring to Rasor being a County non-maintained road. He voiced support of Item #18 Rasor Road because it will be helpful and improve safety. Some people have to take their children 2.5 miles to catch a school bus.

John Komen presented his previously submitted statement with signatures from the five individuals..

Bill Wells asked why the funding for the 101 Connector Study is continued to be funded when it should be funded by the state.

Chairperson Bolender responded they have heard over a number of years, and having represented a large portion of the community that traverses Highway 3, it is continuously heard about the safety on Highway 3. The State of Washington has chosen, through the legislative process, to appropriate dollars for maintenance of highways and no dollars relatively for new construction. As a representative of a local community there is a choice to make to default to the fact the people have no opportunity to have their safety concerns addressed because the State of Washington has chosen not provide resources to address the concerns. As an elected representative the County can try to find a means within the local authority to address the concerns. The Belfair Bypass and 101 Connector were separated. There does not appear to have been enough opportunity for public involvement and education to continue to spend the level of dollars committed to date. It is a need the community has expressed. The State is not willing or able to address the citizen needs. The local legislative authority has an obligation if in the position to address the problem.

Ed Edmiston, TIPCAP Advisory Board, clarified that at the beginning of the year they had voted to produce a minority paper and that is what they were doing today with the five members. He stated he doesnt want to stop the benefits for people that live on the Rasor Road. It is their feeling that the alignment is being held as part of the 101 Connector. That is why they asked to have it dropped from the TIP.

Bob Allen, TIPCAP Advisory Board, voiced support of the Rasor Road. The project on its own is a viable and safe thing to do. Secondary, if 101 Connector were to move forward, it proves as a good viable piece of property already owned by the County. It serves as a safe access to and from State Route 3. He commented on the Grapeview Loop Road that the shoulders were widened. He noted that the speeds seem to be lower in the new widened section compared to the old section which is far more dangerous to drive. Lastly, he noted support of the Belfair Bypass. He noted he has friends that live in the bypass area and hoped for an alternate location to avoid the displacement of his friends. He questioned if there is still a TIPCAP Advisory Board.

Mr. Hauth responded yes, it would convene next spring.

Drew Noble stated he does not want to see the Belfair Bypass a frontage road. He would like to see possibly one interchange and frontage road on either side. He supports Rasor Road as a stand-alone project. He asked that this road would stay and not be a part of any 101 Connector. The reason Trails Road 3 is not seen is it is already in clearing and grubbing and will be finished next year under maintenance program. On the deletions of the minority group. He voiced support for the GIS Planning which could interface with other GIS programs.

Billie Eckstrom asked that the Board move the Rasor Road project be moved up on the schedule as it is a safety issue.

Jackie Weatherwax too voiced support for Rasor Road that is one lane and has holes in it.

Norm Eveleth, TIPCAP, asked if there is any way to back away from the 101 Connector he would like to see that be done.


Constance Ibsen commented if the GIS program would have been explained as identifying the center line she could have possibly asked a few more questions and tried to understand the program a little more.

Ed Amick asked if there has been a decision on the Belfair Bypass.

The Board responded they are studying an alignment and the intent is to build a Belfair Bypass.

Mr. Amick questioned why the County paved a private road up Clifton Hill.

The Board replied a decision has been made to build the Belfair Bypass. They are studying alignment and environmental considerations. At this point, the Board has identified funding and a timeframe to construct the road. The decision was in place at the time the other road was approved.

Mr. Amick stated the Alderbrook community asked the County what it would cost to construct a road. There were a lot of specific criteria that had to be met. One criterion was the curves had to be 150 radius. He noted the curves on the Clifton Road are not 150 radius.

Chairperson Bolender understood there were some exceptions to the standard that were allowed and reviewed by the State Department of Transportation. There is a provision for exceptions for standards provided there is justification for that. It has to be reviewed by the State Department of Transportation.

Mr. Amick questioned if they are planning on running school buses there.

The Board responded that is up to the school district.

Mr. Amick asked the Board if the $14 million projected for the Belfair Bypass project includes the buyout of property.

The Board noted, yes it does include the right-of-way acquisition.

Mr. Amick asked that the County has figured out the cost per taxpayer for this project. He commented that school districts in the County have not been successful in passing levies and bonds.

Walter Bacon noted he is opposed to the Belfair Bypass. He didnt think the name is correct, as it appears to be more for business than a road to go around Belfair. He also did not think they should be building the road with County money until the state feels they need the road and decides to go ahead with it.

Richard Weatherwax referred back to Rasor Road. He stated that when the County acknowledged the Rasor Road as a County non-maintained road, they were having problems with bikes and they also asked the Sheriffs Department to help out. They were told the Sheriffs Department could not help. They asked if they could block off the road and were told they could not. The road goes from Highway 106 to Trails End Lake. The road currently is blocked off so there cant be any through traffic.

The Board noted there was a lot of testimony taken and there were issues that could benefit from additional discussion with Public Works.

The Board requested that Public Works respond to the issues that Constance Ibsen brought up on some items that dont appear to show up on the Six Year TIP.

Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to continue the hearing to consider adopting Mason Countys Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for 2001 to 2006 on October 24, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; C-aye; O-aye.


Due to no further business the meeting adjourned at 11:58 a.m.



















Rebecca S. Rogers

Clerk of the Board








John A. Bolender, Chairperson




Mary Jo Cady, Commissioner




Cynthia D. Olsen, Commissioner