1. The county Assessor's office has information on how your property was valued and information on properties which have sold.  Your county office should be your first step in seeking information to support lowering your property’s assessed value. 
  2. Appellants should request their parcel field sheet and sales information the Assessor used to set value, in order to review the information which was calculated in your property’s assessed value.
  3. Appeals must be complete, timely filed and filed in duplicate (each parcel number requires a separate form).  Your appeal application will be reviewed by the Clerk of the Board (BOE). 
  4. If the application meets the criteria for a timely filed and complete appeal, the Clerk of the Board will forward the appeal to the Assessor's office for the Assessor's Response.
  5. After reviewing the appeal, the Assessor will respond by mail.  
  6. If the Assessor believes a reduction is warranted, the response may be as a stipulated agreement (Assessment Roll Correction Agreed to by the Taxpayer). 
    •  The taxpayer would determine if they agree with the recommended value. 
    • If in agreement, they tax payer would sign and date the form, mailing it back to the Assessor. 
    • This action would withdrawal the appeal and set the new value.
  7. If the taxpayer does not agree, the returned document would be unsigned with a note that the appellant wishes to proceed with a review by the Board of Equalization.
  8. The Assessor would then work towards answering the appeal with the Assessor's Answer to Real Property Appeal.  The taxpayer would receive this in the mail. 
    • Due to the number of appeals, it may take time for the Assessor's staff to review and answer these appeals.
  9. Upon receipt of the Assessor's Answer to Real Property Appeal, the Clerk of the Board will be able to schedule a hearing before the Board.  
    • Usually the hearings are scheduled fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days in advance.
  10. Appellants should contact the Board Clerk with the known dates the appellant cannot attend a hearing.  The Clerk will try to accommodate the taxpayer’s schedule.

Please note that hearing dates cannot be postponed due to the appellants leaving the area during the winter months.  In that case, a hearing would be held in the absence of the appellant.

Remember; all petitions, and all attached information including photos, must be filed in duplicate.