Number Title Date
93-17 Resolution to adopt the 2018 Budget 12/19/2017
92-17 Res. replacing 75-17 fixing the amount of Ad Valorem taxes for the current expense levy for the year 2018 12/19/2017
91-17 Res. replacing 74-17 fixing the amount of Ad Valorem taxes for the road levy for the year 2018 12/19/2017
90-17 Res. replacing Resolution 77-17, Mason County Current Expense Property Tax Levy 12/19/2017
89-17 Res. replacing Resolution 76-17, Mason County Road Property Tax Levy 12/19/2017
88-17 Resolution certifying property tax levies for collection in 2018 12/19/2017
87-17 Res. amending MC Personnel Policy Chapter 4.1 & 4.6 12/19/2017
86-17 Res. amending Mason County Personnel Policy Chapter 4.1 Working Hours 12/19/2017
85-17 Res. amending resolution #60-07, Mason County Utilities & Waste Management Cash Drawers 12/19/2017
84-17 Ord. amending Community Development fee schedules to implement technology surcharge and convenience surcharge 12/19/2017
83-17 Resolution appointing John Juestis, PE, as the County Road Engineer for Mason County 12/12/2017
82-17 Resolution to establish hours the Community Services Department shall be open to the public 12/12/2017
81-17 Comp Plan adoptions 12/05/2017
80-17 Ord. adopting the 2017 Mason County Docket of Comprehensive Plan amendments 12/05/2017
79-17 Res. amending Res. 68-13, Lease of County Tidelands 11/28/2017
78-17 Res. to set hearing on Dec. 19, 2017 for Supplemental/Budget transfer requests 11/28/2017
77-17 Resolution- Current Expense Property Tax Levy for 2018 11/28/2017
76-17 Resolution- Road Property Tax Levy for 2018 11/28/2017
75-17 Resolution fixing the amount of Ad Valorem Taxes for the Current Expense Levy for 2018 11/28/2017
74-17 Resolution fixing the amount of Ad Valorem Taxes for the Road Levy for 2018 11/28/2017
73-17 Resolution setting the Annual Construction Program 11/28/2017
72-17 Resolution regarding the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program 11/28/2017
71-17 Res. relating to the composition of the Mason Transit Authority Board 11/21/2017
70-17 Resolution regarding load/speed restrictions and emergency closing for county roads 11/21/2017
69-17 Ord. amending Ord 102-04 and MCC Chapter 2.132.010 amending Sheriff’s Fees 11/14/2017
68-17 Resolution closing Old Belfair Hwy on December 3, 2017 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m 11/14/2017
67-17 Resolution changing Mason County’s Financial Reporting to Cash Basis 11/07/2017
66-17 Resolution providing for the issuance, sale and delivery of not to exceed $7,250,000 aggregate         principal amount of limited tax general obligation refunding bonds to provide funds necessary to        refund certain outstanding general obligation bonds of the County; fixing or setting parameters              with respect to certain terms and covenants of the bonds; and appointing the County’s designated representative to approve the final terms of the sale of the bonds 11/07/2017
65-17 Ord. amending Ord. 21-16 and County Code Chapter 2.88- Meetings of Board of County      Commissioners pertaining to use of Electronic Devices During Commission meetings 11/07/2017
64-17 Resolution amending Res. 29-14 and the Commissioners’ Operating Guidelines 11/07/2017
63-17 Ordinance changing the speed limit on DeWatto Beach Drive in Mason County 11/07/2017
62-17 Ordinance changing the speed limit on Little Mission Creek Lane in Mason County 11/07/2017
61-17 Ordinance changing the speed limit on Lincoln Court in Mason County 11/07/2017
60-17 Res. amending Resolution 74-16 determining the County's 2018 Health Insurance Contributions and amending Res. 47-17 to revise the non-represented salary scale by approving a 1.02% COLA and 2% general wage increase 11/07/2017
59-17 Resolution of a hearing in the matter of the vacation of a portion of E Mason Lake Drive West 10/24/2017

Resolution amending Res. 77-09 in the matter of establishing a general fund reserve and contingency policy

57-17 Res. establishing the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Project list for 2017 10/24/2017
56-17 Resolution replacing Res. 62-14 Small Public Works, Consultant and Vendor Rosters 10/03/2017

Ord. amending MCC Title 6, Sanitary Code, Chapter 6.72, Solid Waste and Biosolids Handling and Facility Regulations, amending section 6.72.010 (b)

54-17 Resolution to rescind Res. 69-12 to approve the transfer of the cable franchise 09/26/2017
53-17 Res. for County Road Projects (CRP) 2012 and 2013, Mason County Overlay projects on John’s Prairie Road and Mason Lake Road 09/26/2017
52-17 Resolution to set a hearing on October 17, 2017 for 2017 Budget/Supplemental transfer requests 09/26/2017

Ord to repeal and replace the Mason County Shoreline Master Program and Maps (MCC 17.50) Chapter IX of the Comprehensive Plan (Shoreline Management); Amend the Resource Ordinance (MCC 8.52) and Development Code (Title 15); and adopt a Channel Migration Zone Map

50-17 Ord. issuing a 60 day notice of intent to adopt the 2016-2036 Comprehensive Plan Update 09/12/2017

Ord. amending Section 15.13 of the MCC regarding issuing notices of code violations Administratively and section 15.09.030, to decrease reliance on Hearings Examiner

48-17 Resolution to amend Res. 02-17 appointing individuals for the Washington Counties Risk Pool 08/22/2017
47-17 Res. To amend Res. 12-17 to revise the Non-Represented Salary Scale Range Alignment 08/08/2017
46-17 Ord. amending Title 17, Zoning, Chapter 17.03.030, Development requirements and performance standards 08/01/2017
45-17 Res. For the submission of a proposition to the qualifying voters of Mason County at the Nov. 2017 General Election for ratification or rejections, providing for authority to levy an increase in the regular property tax levy 08/01/2017
44-17 Resolution waiting public bidding requirements and approving a sole source procurement of  replacement parts and repairs from Trojan UV 08/01/2017
43-17 Res. designating an acting County Engineer for an interim period not to exceed six months 07/25/2017
42-17 Res. Amending Resolution 83-04: Fee Schedule for Current Use Assessment Programs and Designated Forest Land 07/18/2017
41-17 Ord. amending Title 14, Building and Construction, Chapter 14.22, Flood Damage 07/18/2017
40-17 Ord. terminating current use timber land classification and merging current use timer land with designated forest land 07/18/2017
39-17 Res. Limiting refunds, cancelations, or corrections of the tax rolls to the ordinary time limits 07/18/2017
38-17 Ordinance exempting decks greater than 200 Sq. feet from permitting requirements 07/11/2017
37-17 Ordinance to amend Ord. 24-09, establishing a Land Use Permit Fee schedule 07/11/2017
36-17 Resolution setting July 18 budget hearing to reduce Current Expense by $2.1M; Public Health by $31K; Information Technology by $48.9K 06/27/2017
35-17 Ordinance amending Title 17 of the Mason County Code, Chapter 17.90 “Multi-family housing tax incentive program” to provide exemption from Ad Valorem property taxation for new, converted, and rehabilitated multi-family housing 06/27/2017
34-17 Resolution for the distribution of PUD excise tax 06/27/2017
33-17 Resolution changing Mason County’s financial reporting to cash basis 06/27/2017

Resolution-CRP 2011 to replace an existing undersized culvert with a single structure that will carry flows under the roadway that serves the Northern Peninsula of Harstine Island

31-17 Ord. to correct zoning in parcels 12317-41-00060 & 12317-41-00050 06/06/2017

Ord. amending MCC Title 14, Building and Construction, Chapter 14.08, Building Code Amendments, Section 14.08.031 to allow exemptions for agricultural, storage structures, and cargo containers as storage

29-17 2017 Supplemental/Budget Transfer Requests-Notice of Hearing for June 27, 2017 06/06/2017
28-17 Resolution to wave public bidding requirements and approving a sole source procurement of replacement parts and repairs from KTurbo for Belfair Sewer 05/23/2017
27-17 Resolution amending Res 09-98 to increase the imprest revolving checking account for the Veterans Assistance Fund 05/23/2017
26-17 Res. Amending Res. 46-16 regarding management of the County Budget and transferring funds within departments 05/16/2017
25-17 Ord. amending Chapter 17.12, Commercial zoning districts in the Allyn UGA, Village Commercial District, Section 17.12.110 & 17.12.120 04/25/2017
24-17 Resolution amending Res. 96-16 Bridge Limits 04/25/2017
23-17 Res. Replacing res 01-14 Real Property Acquisition Procedures for Public Works Projects 04/25/2017
22-17 Resolution amending Res. 35-16 Veterans Advisory Board/Assistance increasing award limits and expediting the issuance of checks 04/25/2017
21-17 Res. Amending Chapter 17.07, Article 6, section 17.07.650 removing self-storage facilities from prohibited uses 04/25/2017
20-17 Resolution amending res. 49-14 and Title 2 Chapter 2.46 of the Mason County, Washington, Code of Ordinances 04/11/2017
19-17 Resolution amending the Mason County Vehicle Use Policy, Chapter 13 to include assignment of county vehicles for take-home & operational considerations and Resolution 102-16 04/11/2017
18-17 Resolution to amend Resolution 18-16, selecting the official county newspaper 04/11/2017
17-17 Resolution for the assignment of Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters 1 (LEOFF 1) program to support services from the Sheriff’s Office 04/18/2017
16-17 Resolution for the approval of sale of surplus property, Parcel #32021-56-01012 04/11/2017
15-17 Resolution for distribution of PUD excise tax 04/11/2017
14-17 Resolution with certifications of compliance for Community Development Block Grant 04/04/2017
13-17 Resolution to set hearing for April 18, 2017 for budget supplemental requests 03/28/2017
12-17 Amendment to resolution 05-17 to revise the Non Represented salary scale range alignment by approving the request to rename the Public Defense Administrator to Chief Public Defender 03/21/2017
11-17 Resolution to support the official naming of Smith Island at Island Lake 03/21/2017
10-17 Ord. to amend Chapter 17.12 Commercial Zoning districts in the Allyn UGA, Article I, Village Commercial District, section 17.12.110, Purpose, and Section 17.12.120, permitted uses 03/14/2017
09-17 Ord. to amend Ch. 17.70 Master Development Plans, Section 17.70.011 Eligibility, Section 17.70.012 Limitations, Section 17.70.015 Submittal and Review requirements, and Ch. 17.06, Section 17.06.010 Definitions 03/07/2017
08-17 Resolution waiving public bidding requirements and approving a sole source procurement of replacement parts from special controls Inc 02/28/2017
07-17 Resolution authorizing Support Services to voucher from the individual departmental budgets, the Mason County cellular telephone bills excluding the Sheriff’s Office 02/14/2017
06-17 Resolution for the County Engineer, or Engineering and Construction manager to legally bind Mason County for the purpose of requesting Federal Grant reimbursement 02/14/2017
05-17 Resolution amending Res. 74-16 to revise the Non-Represented salary scale range alignment by approving the reclassification request for the Chief Finance officer to a range 36 from a range 32 02/07/2017
04-17 Resolution accepting the affidavit of the Mason County treasurer and approving the cancellation of uncollectible personal property taxes 01/24/2017
03-17 Resolution to adopt the December 15, 2016 Mason County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) 01/17/2017
02-17 Resolution to confirm the appointment /designation of individuals for relationships with the Washington Counties Risk Pool 01/17/2017
01-17 Resolution to approve the sale of surplus property 22017-53-00039 01/10/2017