Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all active probationers are to report via mail-in procedure. Please print the attached document, fill in it's entirety, and mail to: Mason County District Court Probation PO Box O Shelton, WA 98584. These forms must be received by the end of the month to count as your monthly check-in. Failure to mail-in these compliance forms may result in the filing of a probation violation.

Per Judge Steele's directive, this is to be in effect until further notice. Please contact Mason County District Court Probation office if you have any further questions.

The District Court Division of Probation Services focuses on:

  • Community supervision of misdemeanor adult offenders,
  • Program development aimed at reducing the overcrowding of the jail and costs associated with overcrowding, and
  • Increasing community safety.

This division is responsible to provide a number of essential services involved in maintaining the safety of the public and reducing recidivism.