In response to Covid-19 Mason County Public Works office in person services are by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment with the Public Works Department:
Public Work, please call 360-427-9670, ext. 450
Utilities & Waste Management 360-427-9670, ext. 207

Staffing levels are limited, however phones will be answered during normal business hours.
(Monday - Thursday 7:30am to 4:30pm and Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm)

The County website has a Questions or Comments page that you can leave Public Works an email, at the bottom of the page under “Quick Links” click “Email Us

If you need to visit one of the Solid Waste Transfer Facilities:

  • We have suspended recycling and out-of-county waste at all locations until further notice.
  • Hours of operation are normal at each station; however, we ask customers to please use your best judgement and wait to come to our facilities until it is absolutely necessary.

Visit the Utilities & Waste Solid Waste webpage to see hours of operation for each station.

If you need to make a utility payment:

  • Checks can be mailed or placed in the drop- box located at 100 W Public Works Drive (bldg. 1)
    *Please be sure to have your account or street address on check
  • Pay Online
  • Call office during business hours at (360) 427-9670, ext. 207

Thank you for your continued support.


Mason County Public Works has the responsibility of engineering, construction, maintenance and administration of the Mason County Road System as defined in RCW 36.75 - 36.88. This includes all County Roads but none of the State Routes or the City of Shelton Streets.

The Public Works Department is one of the County's largest departments. The daily tasks are numerous and can vary greatly in nature. The one common point associated with all of the Public Works Department activities is the County Road System. RCW 36.82.070 specifically restricts the use of any Road Funds to road related projects only.

This website is designed to help you better understand the various functions of the Public Works Department and assist you with any related issues. We hope that you will find this helpful.

The Engineering Section is responsible for planning and developing the designs for the new road construction. This includes the management and inspection during construction, the related survey work and right of way acquisition. Additionally, the Department has responsibility for bridge construction and inspection and the environmental review associated with any of the construction projects.

RCW 36.88 County Road Improvement Districts authorizes the Mason County to create a road improvement districts for the acquisition of rights of way and improvement of county roads, existing private roads that will become county roads as a result of the improvements. For more detail click on RID Information.

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