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Case Number  PAR2013-00005 Applicant  SEATTLE SHELLFISH LLC
2102 4TH AVE E SUITE 201
Case Status help REC
Parcel Number  221367500030
Project Address  609 E YATES RD SHELTON
Valuation help $ 0.00

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Planning Review 02/01/2013 02/14/2013 DONE GBM GBM

Grace Miller attended meeting on behalf of the Planning Department. Grace had conducted a site pre-inspection for this project in 2010. A Geotechnical Report was prepared by Geotechnical Testing Laboratory for the applicant in 2010. The property is located on Case Inlet within a Rural shoreline environment. The property is zoned as Rural
Residential 5. The existing aquaculture facility is proposed to include three new upland structures for a shellfish hatchery as described within the application.

STORMWATER: Planning staff had requested comments from Loretta Swanson pior to the meeting. Loretta is the Strormwater Program Coordinator for the Mason County Public Works Department. She provided those comments and staff gave them to you at the meeting. The following comments apply to the county requirements for stormwater planning:

1. If the project disturbs more than one acre of land and surface water discharges from the property, a Department of Ecology Stormwater Construction General Permit (http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/stormwater/construction/index.html) is required prior to site work. We are not sure whether any other Ecology Permit is required for the seawater intake and return system).
2. Prior to issuance of the building permit the following needs to be submitted for aproval addressing 2005 Manual Minimum Requirements #1 - #10: a) a stormwater site plan (narrative and engineering plan sheets); b) a Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (C-SWPPP); c) Mason County Checklist; d) an operation and maitenance plan; and e) applicable stormwater review fees.
3. Prior to issuance of the grading permit, the C-SWPPP shall be approved and temporary erosion control measures in place as specified by the approved C-SWPPP. (The applicant notes this will occur in the PROJECT DESCRIPTION submitted with the pre-submission meeting information).
4. During onstruction, the engineer of record and/ot CESL shall inspect temporary and permanent erosion control improvements.
5. The engineer of record or deshnee shall inspect the permanent stormwater flow control and treatment improvements during construction.
6. Prior to final approval for building occupancy the engineer shall submit a certified as-built of the stormwater flow control and treatment improvements and an operation and mainenance agreement will be recorded by the applicant. Loretta can be reached at (360)427-9670, ext 769 if you have any further questions regarding the stormwater requirments.

Below I have listed the Planning Department Permits that will be necessar for the proposed development with the applicable feest:
1) Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (fee based on value of project. Fee is either $1,520.00 (project value betwen 50,000 and $200,000) or $1,895.00 if project value over $200,000.between The shoreline permit takes approximately 4 months to process and goes through the public notice and hearing process with the Mason County Hearing Examiner. I gave Mike the application for a Substantial development permit and the Aquaculture policies and use regulations from the Shoreline Master Program. The Draft SMP Revisions that are scheduled to be adopted January 2014 will include a Shoreline Conditional Use Permit for geoduck aquaclture in addition to a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit.
2) SEPA process. I gave Mike a SEPA Checklist at the meeting. The fee is $630.00
3) The Hearing Examiner fee for the Public Hearing is $2005.00.
4) JARPA Application - Please submit copy to mason County as part of horeline permit application. No additional fee.
5) Mason Environmental permit (MEP) is required for work within the Resource Ordinance critical Fish & Wilslife Habitat Conservation Area and its buffer. I gave Mike an application and a copy of the Fish & Wildlife Habitat Conservation Area Chapter of the Resource Ordinance. The fee for the MEP is $380.00.
6) Habitat Management Plan (HMP) is required for proposed development within the Fish and Wilslife Habitat Conservation Area and its 100' shoreline buffer.The Habiatat Manageent Plan requirements are listed within the Fish & Wilslife Chapter of the Resource Ordinnace. The fee for its review is $445.00.
7) Geotechnical Report - The Geotechnical Report will need a current addendum and Checklist. The fee for its review is $255.00.
8) Stormwater Review fee is $255.00.

Some of the items discussed during the meeting includeed: OHWM - The ordinary high water mark (OHWM) should be easily identified on the Site Plan that is submitted with the Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Application.
Resource ordinance minimum shoreline setback of 100' rather than 50' discussed peviously - The minimum 100' FWHCA buffer should be identified on site plan in relation to all proposed development.
- The shoreline permit application should address all applicable Aquaculture Policies and Use Regulations from the Shoreline Master Program.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Building Plan Review 02/01/2013 02/14/2013 DONE LAW

A copy of the submittal standards was given to the applicant.

The following items will need to be addressed:
1. Full engineering for all buildings.
2. A code analysis is required for the use, type of construction and egress requirements.
3. If buildings are heated an engergy code analysis is required, also a lighting buget is to be sbmitted.
4. The building will need to be ADA compliant this includes the restrooms, the number of restrooms will be based on a IBC chapter 29 review.

Fire Marshal Review 02/01/2013 02/14/2013 DONE LAW

The following items will need to be addressed:
1. Fire apparatus access road, a copy of the standard was given to the applicant, ordinance 31-04 title 14 chapter 14.17 of the Mason County code. If this standard can not be met the buildings will be required to be fully fire sprinkled per NFPA 13.
2. Fire flow is not avalible on site so the buildings will be required to be fully alarmed, the alarms will need to be installed to NFPA 72 standards and be fully monitored.
3. A knox box will be required per section 506 of the 2009 IFC.
4. Fire extinguishers will be required to be installed per chapter 9 of the IFC and NFPA 10.

Meeting 02/13/2013 DONE PIB

Application Received 02/01/2013 GMM

Environ. Health Review 02/01/2013

2/15/13 Public Water System required. Fire flow required. Sent Mr. Carlson a Group B system information packet and advised him to talk to a designer about ERU's for this system as well as fire flow. SMK

Public Works Review 02/01/2013 DONE FJP

Commercial Road Access Permit (RAP) will be required and was given to the applicant. Access permit will need to be finalized prior to the building permit being finalized.


Fee Type Amount Due Amount Paid  
Planning Pre-App Fee $ 255.00 $ 255.00  
Environ. Health Review $ 57.00 $ 57.00  
Total Fees:
$ 312.00   $ 312.00    
Amount Outstanding:
$ 0.00      

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