Environmental Health is the branch of Public Health that focuses on all staff overlooking beachaspects of natural and built environments that may affect human health. Environmental Health identifies, prevents, and controls these effects. Our mission is to minimize the public's exposure to these hazards through education, monitoring and regulation.

Drinking Water Program ensures safe and reliable drinking water.

Food Program protects public heath through a comprehensive food program including public education and critical item enforcement as part of an inspection program.

On-site Sewage Systems Program protects the ground and surface water from contamination by chemical and disease organisms originating from the disposal of human sewage.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Program enforces state and county regulations to control disposal of material which may affect ground or drinking water.

Water Quality Program ensures that the long term quality of surface and ground water is maintained so that the public is protected from waterborne illness.

Vector Program protects the public from diseases carried by vectors such as rats, mice, bats and mosquitoes.

Water Recreation and Pools protects the health, safety, and welfare of water recreational facility users.