Mason County continues to monitor the latest information from Governor Jay Inslee’s office, State Department of Health, and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. We are planning to host meetings with stakeholders and members of the public online until further notice.

About the Project

Where is the Belfair Urban Growth Area (UGA)?

The UGA is roughly four square miles in northern Mason County. While the UGA’s population is small, the area is a commercial hub for a much larger population living in nearby communities.

Why is the County updating Belfair’s Subarea Plan?

The County recently received a grant to develop a sewer system and a new freight corridor, or “bypass,” is pending. We expect these investments to contribute to rapid growth in Belfair. In addition to updating the 2004 Belfair UGA Plan, we’re developing a Planned Action Environmental Impact Statement and ordinance for the Belfair UGA to facilitate growth reflective of a community-supported vision.

What is an Urban Growth Area (UGA)?

Planning for UGAs is an important tool provided by the Growth Management Act (GMA) for deciding where future urban growth should be encouraged, where the extent of that growth should be located, and how the financial and environmental responsibilities that come with growth, will be met. UGAs are areas where growth and higher densities are expected and that can be supported by urban services. By directing growth into urban areas, counties and cities can also protect critical areas, conserve their natural resource lands—such as farms and forests—and maintain the rural character of their rural lands.

Learn More

This County website will serve as a resource for basic information about the project, including project timeline, ongoing public notices, and future document publication.


  • Scoping Period: November 12 – December 3, 2020
  • Draft Subarea Plan and Draft EIS: Spring 2021
  • Final Subarea Plan and Final EIS: Summer 2021

Vicinity Map

Belfair EIS Vicinity Map