Sentencing Hearings: Sentencing hearings are being held in person. Both the defendant and defense counsel must be present in the courtroom. See additional instructions and guidelines.

Sentencings are held via the Zoom platform (meeting ID number 907 729 4239) and require the defendant and defense counsel be present in the courtroom. The deputy prosecutor can appear in person or by Zoom if paperwork is in order and has been signed off on. It is our understanding that the prosecutor's office is making arrangements for victims to appear via Zoom if they choose.

Parties are to complete the Judgment & Sentence and related documents following the Court’s ruling. A copy will then be made by the Defense attorney (the copy is for the Defendant to read while the attorney reviews the provisions with the Defendant), who will then go with the Defendant to the back room (jury area –adjacent to the courtroom) to review the document(s). A large table with appropriately distanced chairs is set up for the review. The Defendant will then sign and be fingerprinted in the back room.

The Defendant and attorney will then return to the courtroom for judge’s signature and to confirm with defendant that his/her fingerprints were placed on the Judgment & Sentence. If another sentencing is occurring when they return to the courtroom, the Defendant and attorney will remain in the back of the courtroom, appropriately distanced, until instructed otherwise by the court.

Also attached is information regarding courtroom protocols English - Spanish for in person hearings. All parties who are appearing in person must wear a mask or face covering. If a mask is not available we do have some available. Parties appearing in person should arrive no sooner than 5 minutes prior to their hearing start time.