TIP-CAP members are charged with gathering input from the community on transportation projects and needs. Do you have an idea for a transportation project? Have you seen a transportation problem that needs fixing? Here are three ways you can share your ideas with TIP-CAP:

  1. Attend a TIP-CAP meeting. They are open to the public and there is time at the beginning of meetings for citizens to share their concerns and ideas.
  2. Submit an online comment.
  3. Attend one of the community outreach meetings typically held early in the year. These meetings highlight TIP-CAP’s role in advising the Board of County Commissioners, current and planned transportation improvement projects, and invite citizens to share their ideas for future projects.

  • A community outreach event was held with the North Mason Voice at the HUB on July 22nd at 7pm

You can view the TIP-CAP presentation here. You can also see a video of the March 26, 2018 meeting here.