Contact Person: Teri Mills, Foreclosure Deputy 360-427-9670 Ext 484

Tax Foreclosure Sales are generally held annually.  Generally towards year end or in the first few months of the following year.

The Mason County Treasurer has contracted with Bid4Assets for online tax foreclosure auction services.  You can get information at or or by calling 1-877-427-7387.  Please see Notice of Sale and Terms of Sale.
Mason County publishes all legal notices in the Shelton-Mason County Journal. When, would be determined by the sale date.
Tax Foreclosure Lists are published on this website. If you wish a hard copy mailed to you when it becomes available, please send a check in the amount of $5.00 made payable to the Mason County Treasurer, PO Box 429, Shelton, WA 98584-0429.  Please note that you will need to send this fee and request this list annually as we do not hold over our mailing list from year to year.
We do not sell "tax certificates or deeds" of any nature. In some states you may purchase a certificate of some kind showing that you paid the delinquent taxes but we don't have any information on this procedure because there is no provision for it in Washington State law.
Properties not sold at a Tax Foreclosure Sale are noted as sold to Mason County.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. PROPERTIES ARE SOLD ON A "WHERE IS" AND "AS IS" BASIS.  All research must be done by the interested party. Normally this would include checking maps in the Assessor's Office, checking on taxes and liens in the Treasurer’s Office, checking with the Mason County Health Department and Mason County Planning Departments for use restrictions and/or ongoing Health, Building or Planning Enforcement cases. An onsite inspection should also be made. Just because a property looks desirable on the map does not mean it is in actuality. The map does not show the topography such as ravines, hill, slopes, etc., nor does the map show what is on the property (dense growth, swamp, boulders, etc.). Some properties may be private roads covered by easements for ingress and egress. Easements are not extinguished by the foreclosure sale but remain with the land. You may not block the easement to try to extort money out of the users.
When you see that a property lies near or under a transmission line easement, there will likely be restrictions against building anything on the land. Transmission line easements do appear on the Assessor's maps but private easements do not. Some properties may be subject to use restrictions and covenants set up in the original plat. Some of these may be labeled Open Space, Open Area, greenbelt or similar. You should also be aware of properties where the legal description contains the term "Drainage Easement" or "Retention Pond" or similar terms.
It is up to you to know exactly what you are bidding on. We can not stress this too strongly. Every year people who have done little or no research or who do not know how to read a legal description buy properties that, to them, are totally useless. Knowledgeable parties who have done the proper research will avoid these properties. We do not overturn a sale and refund the purchase price because a bidder didn't know what they were bidding on, nor because they didn't understand the legal description.
For information on the availability of Surplus Real Property, please contact the Mason County Property Manager, in the Support Services Department at 360-427-9670 Ext. 419.