Sonya Asche
Sonya Asche serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Mason County Public Defender's Office. She began her Mason County career in the Mason County Clerk's Office, followed by the Mason County Juvenile and District Court Probation Offices for 14 years. At the Public Defender's Office Sonya is who can answer most general questions or refer you to the right person who can help you.
Ron Sergi
Ron Sergi is an attorney with the Public Defender's Office.
Peter Jones
A cum laude graduate of the University of Idaho Law School, Peter Jones first began practicing law as a deputy prosecutor in Elmore County, Idaho.  He was a private attorney in Eastern Washington from 2006-2013, focusing on criminal defense and civil litigation.  Jones was named a Deputy Public Defender in 2014 and serves in the Superior Court Division representing clients who are charged with felonies.  He is also the Deputy Public Defender who represents clients in the Mason County Drug Court.
Pat Lewis

Pat Lewis became an attorney the old-fashioned way—by “reading the law.”  While studying to become a paralegal at South Puget Sound Community College in 2001-2003, he became aware of Washington State’s “Law Clerk” program for potential attorneys.  The Admission to Practice Rule (APR) 6 Law Clerk Program is an alternative to law school which can qualify a person to take the Washington State Bar examination.  It is a four-year program designed to supply theoretical, scholastic, and clinical experience through the combination of work and study with an experienced lawyer or judge.  Lewis received his bachelor’s degree at The Evergreen State College in 2004 in order to get into the Law Clerk program.  Lewis was able to find a local Shelton attorney who was willing to be his mentor.   He completed the program, passed the bar exam, and was admitted to the bar in 2010.  Since that time, he has worked almost entirely in the area of criminal defense.  In 2013 he was awarded one of the public defense contracts for practice in Mason County District Court, and beginning in January of 2014 he became a Deputy Public Defender for Mason County.   Lewis is the lead attorney in District Court, representing clients in misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases.

Jennifer Serafin

Jennifer Serafin graduated from Arizona Summit Law School in 2013.  She got her start in criminal law at the Arizona Justice Project representing indigent inmates who had claims of innocence or manifest injustice.  Serafin passed the Washington State Bar Exam in 2014 and worked at the Thurston County Office of Assigned Counsel representing indigent clients in Thurston County District Court.  She was selected as a Mason County Deputy Public Defender in January 2015.  Serafin is currently assigned to represent defendants charged with misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors in Mason County District Court. 

Contract Attorneys

Due to abundant caseloads in Mason County, the Public Defender also uses private attorneys on contract to fill the needs of accused indigent persons.  The current contract attorneys for Superior Court are the Law Office of F. McNamara Jardine, 253-383-4532,, and Taschner Law, PLLC, 360-593-4384,  The current contract attorneys for District Court are Tirsa Butler, 360-545-2302,, and Justus Kandoll, 360-689-7048,