Contact a Licensed On-Site Sewage System Designer
A designer will discuss options with you, evaluate the site and prepare a septic system design. The designer submits an application form and all required design documents. On-site sewage staff inspects the site and reviews the design. Copies of the approved design are sent to you and the designer.
Select a Mason County Certified Installer
The septic installer MUST be certified in Mason County. The installer must have copy of the approved copy of the design. When the installation is completed and the final inspection is passed, a copy of the approved record drawing and an On-Site Sewage System User’s Manual will be sent to you and the installer.
In some cases, Homeowner installation may be allowed.  Prior approval from Mason County Public Health is required
Status of Your Permit
The status of your permit is available on-line on the Mason County Web page. Click Permit Information to view activities associated with your permit. Enter your Case Number (SWG___-____), or your tax parcel number.
Need Financial Help?
Contact CRAFT3 for On-Site Sewage System Repairs