Rocky Brook Falls
Rocky Brook Falls Photo: Bill Graham

The Watershed Resource Management Act of 1998 (Chapter 90.82 RCW, now “Watershed Planning”) begins:

“The purpose of [Watershed Planning] is to develop a more thorough and cooperative method of determining what the current water resource situation is in each water resource inventory area of the state and to provide local citizens with the maximum possible input concerning their goals and objectives for water resource management and development….The local development of these plans serves vital local interests by placing it in the hands of people: Who have the greatest knowledge of both the resources and the aspirations of those who work in the watershed; and who have the greatest stake in the proper, long-term management of the resources (Chapter 90.82.010 RCW).” The law created a framework for developing local solutions to watershed issues on a watershed basis. It provides a process to allow citizens in a watershed to join together to assess the status of their water resources and determine how best to manage them.

More information on watershed management and the development of watershed plans across the state can be found at:

Fall color reflected in Skokomish River near Staircase
Fall color reflected in Skokomish River near Staircase
Photo: Bill Graham