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Hood Canal Watershed Planning (WRIA 16)
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More Information about Hood Canal & Its Watersheds


More Information about Hood Canal & Its Watersheds (by Topic)


Algal bloom, fish kill, oil spill or emergency environmental situation: Washington State Dept of Ecology Hotline Ph: (800) 645-7911 (800-OILS-911)

Community efforts: Hood Canal Coordinating Council Ph: (360) 394-0046

Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (HCSEG): Ph: 360-275-3575

Washington Sea Grant Ph: (360) 432-3054

Dangerous wildlife: Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife Hotline Ph: (877) 933-9847 (911 if an emergency)

Derelict fishing gear: Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife Hotline Ph: (800) 477-6224 Press 3

Disposing of hazardous waste: Jefferson County Household Hazardous Waste Facility Ph: (360) 379-6911

Kitsap County Health District – Solid & Hazardous Waste Ph: (360) 337-5235

Mason County Household Hazardous Waste Facility – Ph: (360) 427-5271 from the Shelton area Ph: (360) 275-4467 ext 271 from Belfair

Disposing of unwanted pharmaceuticals: Take Back Your Meds

Habitat Restoration Projects Habitat Work Schedule for Washington’s Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery Program

Instream flows and Water Management Rules:

Invasive species (plants, aquatic and terrestrial animals, and insects): Washington Invasive Species Council Hotline Ph: (877) 946-3378 (877-9-INFEST)

Leak in utility water lines or get information on water conservation: Jefferson Public Utility District – Ph: (360) 385-5800, Kitsap Public Utility District – Ph: (360) 779-7656, Mason Public Utility District #1 or #3 – Ph: (360) 877-5249 or (360) 426-8255 or

Loans for septic system repairs: Craft3, non-profit CDFI Lending Ph: 360-565-2063

Low Impact Development: Jefferson County Department of Community Development Ph: (360) 379-4450

Kitsap County Department of Community Development Ph: (360) 337-5777

Mason County Department of Community Development Ph: (360) 482-5269

Managing animal waste, small farms, or native plantings: Jefferson County Conservation District Ph: (360) 385-4105

Kitsap Conservation District Ph: (360) 337-7171

Mason Conservation District Ph: (360) 427-9436

National Resource Conservation Service Ph: (360) 704-7740

Managing stormwater runoff: Jefferson County Stormwater Management Ph: (360) 379-4450

Kitsap County Stormwater Management Ph: (800) 825-4940

To report water pollution in Kitsap County Ph: (360) 337-5777

Mason County Stormwater Management Ph: (360) 427-9670 Ext 769

Marine mammal concerns: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hotline Ph: (800) 853-1964

Noxious weeds, native plants or landscaping, Shore Stewards: WSU Jefferson County Extension Ph: (360) 379-5610

WSU Kitsap County Extension Ph: (360) 337-7157

WSU Mason County Extension Ph: (360) 427-9670 ext 680

Washington Sea Grant – Ph: (360) 432-3054, On-site septic system maintenance and other environmental issues: Jefferson County Environmental Health and Water Quality Ph: (360) 385-9444

Kitsap County Health District Ph: (360) 337-5235

Mason County Public Health Ph: (360) 427-9670 Ext 400 (Hoodsport, Union, Lilliwaup) Ph: (360) 275-4467 (Belfair)

Open space protection in Jefferson County: Conservation Futures Committee Ph: 360-379-4498 Click on “Conservation Futures”

Real-time Water Quality Data for Shellfish Growers:

Recycling or disposing of many items (batteries, electronics, paint, etc.): Washingtion Department of Ecology Ph: (800) 732-9253 (800-RECYCLE),

Shellfish and shellfish toxins: WA Dept of Health Office of Shellfish and Water Protection Ph: (360) 562-5632 (to report an illness from eating shellfish)

Water rights:

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