Moving Mason Forward

Moving Mason Forward is a community-wide initiative that resulted from a Mason County community health assessment (CHA) that was completed in 2013. With input from Mason County¬†¬† Public Health and Human Services, Mason Matters, over 40 cross-sector representatives, and community survey feedback, seven key health priorities were identified. These include: 

  1. Safe and affordable housing
  2. Nutrition, physical health and wellness
  3. Prevention and treatment of substance abuse and mental health
  4. Empowered families
  5. Trained and prepared workforce
  6. Access to quality, timely and local health care
  7. Healthy environment

Plese click on the health priorities above to access a detailed data sheet related to each topic.
Demographic Information

Although the scope of work around these seven priority areas are very large, these focus areas can be grouped into three main categories, including Healthy People, Effective Health Care Systems, and Healthy Communities:

Moving Mason Forward Campaign

As a community-wide effort, Moving Mason Forward aims to capture all of the great work happening in our local community to address each of these priorities. By using co-created goals and strategies, sharing information and resources, and creative partnerships, Moving Mason Forward facilitates better alignment of our community's work to more effectively address the seven health priorities and promote sustainable, lasting change.

More information and resources are currently being developed and will soon be available. For questions about Moving Mason Forward, contact Community and Family Health manager, Lydia Buchheit, at (360) 427-9670 ext. 404.