Map Mason Map Viewer - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use the Map Mason Map Viewer over a dial-up internet connection?

Yes, but it will be very slow. We recommend using DSL or better for best results.
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How do pop-up blockers affect the Map Mason Map Viewer?

Your pop-up blocker may prevent the map viewer and some related map functions from opening. If you click on a link to launch the map viewer and nothing happens, chances are your pop-up blocker is preventing the map viewer to open. Most pop-up blockers allow you to add certain sites to a “trusted sites” list or to temporarily override the blocking function.
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I keep getting the following error message when trying to view your site. “Unable to start. Required HTML Form missing (jsForm.htm).” What does this mean?

This error message appears when you have bookmarked the site and try to return to it. You can either bookmark the main Map Mason Map Viewer page, or edit your current bookmark to remove the /viewer.htm from the end of the URL.
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I received the following error message: “Response from previous request(s) not received.”

If you try to perform an action, such as a zoom or turning a layer on or off, before the previous action you performed had been completed, this error message will appear. Click the “OK” button and wait for the action to complete and try performing your action again. (It is not possible to cancel an action once it has been made, except by closing your browser window.)
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How do I refresh the map when it is locked up?

Hit Ctrl-F5 for a fresh map. This will bring you back to the beginning map.
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Do you have [name a data layer]? Are you planning on adding this layer?

The Map Mason Map Viewer is a new service. We plan on adding additional layers in the future. However, some layers cannot be displayed due to restrictions and licensing agreements from the data suppliers.
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What does 8888888 at the end of a parcel number mean?

This number was given to parcels for which ownership was unknown or undetermined at the time of the conversion process between paper maps and the digital GIS format. These are being identified and updated in the GIS system as they are brought to our attention. If you have knowledge about the status of one of these parcels, you are encouraged to submit information to the GIS Department.

This designation does not affect the property value or the tax bill, as the appraisers perform site visits and reference the full legal property description to determine value.

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