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24/7 Notifiable Condition Reporting
Mason County Public Health
Phone: (360) 427-9670 ext 274

Fax: (360) 427-7787

Local Numbers Phone Number
Shelton (Hoodsport, Union, Lilliwaup, Matlock)
(360) 427-9670
(360) 275-4467
(360) 482-5269
Employee Names, Departments and Extensions
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Ext Last First Department Job Title
683 Food Worker Card Class Public Health Food Worker Card Info.
313 Adam William Sheriff Detective
348 Adamson Rich Superior Court Extra Help Pro Tem
286 Adkins Barbara Community Dev Community Development Director
271 Adler Donna Utilities/Waste Mgmt Solid Waste Attendant I
382 Albaugh Gary ER&R Utility/Maintenance - Tire Shop
589 Almanzor Julie Support Services Clerk of the Board
739 Anderson Lisa Probation Services Detention Officer
380 Andrews Meghan Support Services Receptionist / Secretary
691 Andrewski Jonathan WSU Extension Americorps Member
217 Antonsen Karon Probation Services Probation Officer
339 Archer Kristina District Court Clerk II
506 Ariani Steve Information Services Information Services Tech
207 Arndt Dawnell Utilities/Waste Mgmt Clerical I
739 Arnold Michael Probation Services Detention Officer
598 Asche Sonya Public Defense Administration Administrative Asst.
290 Bailey Heidi Support Services Human Resources Analyst
285 Balderston Rich Community Dev Building Inspector IV
635 Barnhart Matt Public Works Environmental Coordinator IV
313 Barrett James Sheriff Undersheriff
682 Bates Erica WSU Extension
455 Beierle Jennifer Public Works Finance Manager
477 Beleele Barb Treasurer Cashier Deputy III
720 Bellisle Shelly Public Health Clerical III
456 Bennett Cathe Public Works Right of Way Agent IV
461 Berbisco Alan Public Works Project Engineer II
313 Bergh Phil Sheriff Community Service Officer
562 Bingham Casey Public Health Finance Manager
470 Blankenship Sue Auditor Election Technician
397 Board of Equalization
417 Bohm Melissa Prosecutor Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
365 Borden Allan Community Dev Planner III
450 Braakman Amy Public Works Administrative Assistant IV
467 Brambila Uli Auditor Office Technician
313 Brewer Cindy Sheriff Animal Control
247 Briggs Shelby Probation Services Probation Officer
246 Brooks Ginger Clerk Clerk
343 Bryden Tiffany District Court Court Clerk I
404 Buchheit Lydia Public Health Community & Family Health Manager
262 BUILDING HOTLINE Community Dev
634 Burch Diana Assessor Chief Deputy
526 Burgess Nicole Public Works GIS Tech III
799 Burn Info Line Burn Info Line
739 Burns Robby Probation Services Detention Officer
485 Burns Heather Treasurer Cashier Deputy 1
739 Byrd Timothy Probation Services Detention Officer
372 Campus Security Campus Security
495 Canfield Diane Assessor Appraiser
501 Cannon TJ Information Services Network Engineer
268 Cap Bonnie Support Services Personnel Analyst
460 Cari Kathy Public Works Adminstrative Assistant IV
528 Carlson Drew Public Works Road Supervisor
313 Carstensen Jeanne Sheriff Clerk
801 Cervantes Henry Emergency Management Emergency Management Coordinator
362 Chaussee Kathy Community Dev Senior Accounting Tech
550 Churchill Marie Clerk Court Clerk III
422 Civil Service Civil Service
510 Coker Debbera Community Dev Building Inspector IV
419 Commissioners Office Commissioner Commissioners Office
558 Computer Trouble Line Computer
614 Conley Terry Public Works Road Utility Specialist
213 Connell Tom Assessor Appraiser
417 Core Tracie Prosecutor Administrative Secretary
502 Coughlin David Information Services Info System Tech
417 Crawford Daniel Prosecutor Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
566 Creed Britta Utilities/Waste Mgmt Accounting Tech
223 Crow Michele Auditor Senior Accounting Technician
296 Cullop Renee Problem Solving Court Office Manager
407 Custis Elizabeth Public Health Public Health Nurse
406 de Rose Kate Public Health Nurse
567 Demeree Faye Assessor Clerk III
680 DeWall Lisa WSU Extension Office Manager
226 Dispatch Dispatch
227 Dispatch Dispatch
417 Dorcy Michael Prosecutor Prosecutor
313 Dracobly Jason Sheriff Detective Sgt.
236 Drewry Melissa Community Dev Clerk
364 Duback Alan Public Works Survey Supervisor
334 Dunn Mike Probation Services Juvenile Detention Manager
784 Eaton Allan Public Works Asst. Road Op. / Maint Mngr.
636 Ehrich Theresia Sheriff Chief Administrative Deputy
583 Ells Stacey Public Health Accounting Technician
313 Evans Angel Sheriff Records Clerk
775 Facilitator Family Law Superior Court Voice mail only
799 Fire Marshal Fire Marshal
465 Fladager Kacy Auditor Office Technician
344 Fogo Sharon Clerk Clerk III
385 Forsman Larry Public Works Road Supervisor
497 Franklin Phil Assessor Appraiser III
519 Frazier Kelly Facilities & Grounds Maintenance II
475 Frazier Lisa Treasurer Treasurer
681 Fuller Kathy WSU Extension 4-H Office Assistant
417 Gale Tiffany Prosecutor Reception / Secretary
564 Gallagher Cathy Clerk Court Clerk III
629 Garcia Christine Auditor Accounting Technician
739 Garwood Chris Probation Services Detention Officer
578 Gisi-Mikulak Marie Probation Services Probation Officer
241 Goldsby Michelle Sheriff Clerk
392 Green Cheryl Superior Court Family Law Facilitator
631 Greninger Charles Public Works Engineering Tech. III
463 Grice Sarah Public Works Engineering and Construction Manager
592 Grover Pat WSU Extension Noxious Weed Control Coordinator
336 Haertel Harris Superior Court Program Manager II
474 Hansen Paige Auditor Senior Accounting Technician
271 Hargraves Rhonda Utilities/Waste Mgmt Solid Waste Attendant III
372 Haugen Tom Sheriff Jail Superintendent
687 Hauseholder Clara
394 Helser Nicole Prosecutor Administrative Secretary
468 Herr Karen Auditor Auditor
518 Herrick Susan Public Health Public Health Nurse
287 Hersha Rebecca Community Dev Planner
282 Hicks Jeremy Community Dev Fire Marshal
417 Higgs Tim Prosecutor Dep Pros/Dist Crt
271 Hill Dean Utilities/Waste Mgmt Solid Waste Attendant III
383 Howard Ken Public Works Sign Shop Forman
741 Hubbard Barbara Sheriff Clerk
678 Inclement Weather Closure Central Operations
211 Jackson Andrea Assessor Appraiser II
372 Jail Control Jail
375 Jail Interpreter / Booking Sheriff Jail
600 Jaros Mark Clerk Court Clerk III
619 jason Wells Public Works GIS Tech
419 Jeffreys Terri Commissioners Commissioner, District No. 3
454 Johnson Jenny Public Works Accounting Tech I
545 Johnson Ben Public Health Program Coordinator
280 Jones Peter Public Defense Deputy Public Defender
447 JUROR LINE Clerk
739 Juvenile Detention Ctr Juvenile Det. Ctr Main Control
669 Keates John Parks Facilities, Parks & Trails Director
726 Kelly Larry Community Dev Building Inspector III
581 Kenny Stephanie Public Health Environmental Health Specialist III
424 Kenny William Support Services Director
388 Kenyon Merrilee Public Works O & M / ER & R Administrator
613 Kerr Rose Sheriff Clerk
739 Kilmer Brad Probation Services Detention Officer
472 Kim Leo Auditor Chief Finance Manager
693 King Karen WSU Extension Food Sense Nutrition Educator
351 King Vickie Clerk Clerk
260 Kirkpatrick Vicki Public Health Health Director
543 Klint Kim Mason Matters
400 Knapp Kim Public Health Clerical III
630 Koehn Jessica Public Works Accounting Tech I
271 Landfill 427-5271 Utilities/Waste Mgmt
244 Lester Tami Sheriff Records Clerk
304 Lewis Pat Public Defense Deputy Public Defender
739 Liska Tamara Probation Services Detention Officer - on-call
206 Lockwood Robyn Superior Court Interim Court Administrator
301 Lohmeyer Marcie Assessor Land Seg IV
480 Longan Tracey Treasurer Cashier Deputy I
694 Lyons Pamela WSU Extension
571 MacSems Michael Community Dev Planner IV
332 Madsen James Probation Juvenile Court Administrator
225 Maintenance Requests Facilities & Grounds
494 Martin Bruce Assessor Clerk II
687 Master Gardeners WSU Extension
453 Matthews Brian Public Works Public Works and Utilities Director
806 McDowell Ross Support Services Emergency and Information Services Manager
452 McFadden Melissa Public Works Deputy Director / County Engineer
284 McFarland Genie Community Dev Permit Specialist I
201 McGregor Shannon Auditor Senior Accounting Technician
621 McIrvin Mike Public Works Senior Party Chief Tech IV
450 McLean James Public Works Party Chief Tech III
498 McLean Patti Assessor Administrative Data Technician IV
339 Meadows Victoria District Court District Court Judge
462 Medcalf Kelle Public Works Office Manager
224 Mesojednik Dawn Probation Services Probation Officer
335 Meyers Jeff Probation Services Probation Officer
248 Miles Sonya Probation Services Deputy Administrator - Probation
360 Miller Grace Community Dev Planner III - Lead
689 Mills Cammy WSU Extension Water Resource Asst
488 Mills Teri Treasurer Cash Sup/Foreclosure
313 Monnier Toni Sheriff Clerk
479 Moore Nancy Treasurer Acct/Investment Deputy
584 Mosley Jess Public Health Environmental Health Specialist III
739 Murphy Chris Probation Services Detention Officer - Lead
271 Myers Teri Utilities/Waste Mgmt Solid Waste Attendant II
408 Neal Jahanel Community Dev Permit Specialist I
419 Neatherlin Randy Commissioner Commissioner, District No. 1
496 Newhall Mary Assessor Appraiser II
393 Olinger Margie Prosecutor Legal Secretary
253 Olinger Cammille District Court Clerk
540 Olson Travis Facilities & Grounds Maintenance III
725 Olson Bud Parks Parks Maintenance II
469 Ormond Fina Auditor Election Superintendent
348 Osman Rachelle Superior Court
313 Osterhout Russ Sheriff Chief Criminial Deputy Sheriff
537 Owen Teri Clerk Jury Manager
318 Pamperin Anna Sheriff Records Clerk
355 Paysse Ariane Community Dev Clerical I
279 Paysse Alex Public Health Environmental Health Specialist I
360-275-2505 Pearson Bob Public Works Road Supervisor
483 Pearson Brittany Treasurer Cashier Deputy IV
742 Pentz Jane Coroner Extra Help - Volunteer Driver
410 Perline Allie Public Health Community Health Education Specialist
625 Perryman Fred Public Works Engineer Tech III
492 Peterson Melody Assessor Assessor
748 Peterson Jon Public Works Engineer I
313 Petraitis Jim Sheriff Sergeant
530 Pinter Frank Support Services Budget Manager
313 Pittman Luther Sheriff Detective
739 Pogue Allen Probation Services Detention Officer - Lead
254 Public Health Services Conf. Room Public Health Services Conf. Room
450 Public Works Public Works Front Desk
734 Public Works Conference Room Public Works Conference Room
289 Putvin Carolyn Superior Court Court Recorder / Arbitrator
489 Querin Oliver Assessor Chief Appraiser
504 Ramsfield Ben Information Services Web / Detabase Tech
688 Rehwaldt Jeanne WSU Extension Nutrition & Master Gardener
338 Renecker Diana Probation Services Accounting Technician
342 Rhoades Leesa District Court Clerk III
417 Richards Jason Prosecutor Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
487 Richert Julie Treasurer Finance & Data Processing Deputy
358 Riley Debbie Public Health Environmental Health Manager
278 Robinson Patsy District Court District Court Administrator
347 Rodgers Vicki Clerk Chief Deputy Clerk
419 Rogers Becky Support Services Receptionist / Secretary
202 Rose Jenn Auditor Office Technician
417 Rothman Michael Prosecutor Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
313 Salisbury Casey Sheriff Sheriff
737 Sauerlender Bob Superior Court Court Commissioner
345 Savunen Debra Clerk Clerk
361 Schenk Ben Public Health Environmental Health Specialist
417 Schuetz Reinhold Prosecutor Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
283 Schuffenhauer Kerry Utilities/Waste Mgmt Program Support
652 Schwender Erika Utilities/Waste Mgmt Deputy Director
329 Seals Melissa Sheriff Records Specialist
293 Sells Patti Public Health Program Coordinator
557 Serafin Jennifer Public Defense Deputy Public Defender
774 Sergi Ron Public Defense Deputy Public Defender
548 Sergojan Susan Public Defense Public Defender
385 Seymour Jeremy Public Works Road Crew Foreman
348 Sheldon Toni Superior Court Superior Court Judge
419 Sheldon Tim Commissioner Commissioner, District No. 2
316 Shepherd Jan Sheriff Chief Deputy
417 Sigmar Erik Prosecutor Deputy Prosecutor / Juvenile
238 Smith Tonya District Court Clerk II
302 Smith Anna Assessor Clerk I
222 Soares Debbie Auditor Office Technician
580 Spaulding Carol Public Health Env. Health Specialist III
313 Spurling Ryan Sheriff Chief Deputy
499 Staley Sheri Assessor Clerk
464 Stevenson Marie Auditor Licensing Manager
417 Sthay Karin Prosecutor Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
752 Stockwell Wes Coroner
654 Subpoena Line Prosecutor
769 Swanson Loretta Public Works Stormwater Program Coordinator
752 Taylor Jaime Coroner Deputy Coroner / Extra Help
686 Teuteberg Dan WSU Extension Regional 4H Specialist
536 Thale Paula Clerk Court Clerk III
689 Thompson Danielle WSU Extension Americorps Member
384 Ticknor Cyndi Public Works Road Operations & Maintenance Manager
742 Traci Bishop Coroner Deputy Coroner
732 Tullar Jill Auditor Recording Manager/Archiving Specialist
422 Twiddy Dawn Support Services Human Resources/Risk Manager
739 Twidwell Terri Probation Services Detention Officer
359 Uffelman Michael Community Dev Building Inspector II
207 Utilities Utilities/Waste Mgmt Utilities - Sewer / Water
333 VanderWaal Tim Probation Services Probation Officer
418 Vasquez Sandra Prosecutor Admin. Secretary
276 Villeda Socorro District Court Clerk I
535 Voice Anne Facilities & Ground Program Support Tech
381 Wagner Darren ER&R Parts/Inventory
353 Waite Cindy Public Health Environmental Health Specialist III
412 Ward Darci Prosecutor Administrative Supervisor
476 Waters Diana Treasurer Cashier Dep III
499 Watson Rachel Assessor Clerk I
535 Weston Jessie Parks Parks Maint I
340 Wheeler Mary District Court Court Clerk I
417 Whitehead Timothy Prosecutor Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
541 Wing Betty Auditor Election Technician
594 Wood Sunni Public Health Clerical II
478 Woodruff Dawna Treasurer Chief Deputy / Treasurer
281 Woolett Tricia Community Dev Permit Specialist II
681 Workman Kirsten WSU Extension Small Farm Educator
800 Wright Tammi Emergency Management Senior Emergency Management Coordinator
582 Yu Diana Public Health Health Officer
747 Zoren Diane Support Services Administrative Services Manager