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615 W Alder St
Shelton, WA 98584

(360) 427-9670 ext. 352
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The building permit package must be complete.  If any information is incomplete or omitted, it will be returned to the applicant for completion.
Building Permit Requirements
  • Building Permit Application Form. Complete and detailed information will expedite your application. Give special attention to: directions to your site, the legal description, and parcel number of your property. Contractor L&I Registration Number, expiration date, and a copy of the Contractor’s Labor & Industries registration card is required. The plan review fee is due when the building permit is submitted call ext. 284 or 281 for an estimate of the plan review fee. All other fees, including the building permit fee, will be collected when the building permit is issued. (EXT. 352)
  • Project Site Information. A site plan, drawn to scale, and topography is necessary for all projects. Stormwater drainage information, needed for residential projects, can be shown on the site plan. A sample site plan and topography is shown on the site plan information sheet. Four copies of the site plan and topography will be required.
  • Plumbing/Mechanical Permit Application. A separate form will be needed when projects have plumbing and/or mechanical fixtures. (EXT. 352)
  • Building Plans. Three (3) complete sets of plans, drawn to scale, which include the following: Foundation detail, framing detail, floor plan, cross section, and elevations. Attach the site plan and topography to each set of plans. Four (4) sets of plans are required for commercial projects. NOTE: Engineering is required on all log structures, pole buildings, concrete, rip-rap, bulkhead, or retaining walls over 4 feet in height, where bearing studs exceed 10 feet in height, and where braced wall panels do not meet current IRC/International Building Code (IBC) prescriptive requirements. Transfer engineered detail onto each set of plans. (EXT 284 or 281)
  • Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes, Park Models – factory assembled structures. Provide two copies of the floor plan. Submittal fees including 50% of the manufactured home permit fee plus the Planning Department site review fee, will be collected when the permit is submitted. The balance due will be collected when the permit is issued. See current fee chart for submittal fees. (EXT. 352)
  • IECC/Washington State Energy Code and Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality Code Compliance Form for heated residential projects. (EXT. 352)
  • Septic System Information. If you project requires a new septic system, you will need to submit the septic permit application and a completed septic design as part of you building permit application. When projects involve an existing septic system, a copy of the septic records will be required and a pumpers report dated within 3 yearts of your application date. Environmental Health policies may have additional requirements. (EXT 400)
  • Application for the Determination of Water Adequacy. A complete water adequacy form is required for all residential and commercial projects. For public water systems, the water manager’s signature will be required. Private well users refer to Environmental Health policies. (EXT. 400)
  • Development on shorelines requires compliance with the Mason County Shoreline Master Program and the Mason County Resource Ordinance and may require a special use permit. (EXT. 281 or 284)
  • Planning Site Pre-Inspection. When critical area (wetland, steep slopes, creeks, etc.) are located on the parcel, or within 300 feet of the project. A pre-inspection may be necessary if critical areas are present. (EXT 281 or 284)
  • Address Request Form. A site address must be assigned prior to issuance of a building permit. Information may be obtained from the Dept. of Community Development. (EXT 281 or 284)
  • Road Access Permits Building permit applicants developing on vacant property, or those changing/modifying their access, will be required to submit an approved Road Access Permit with their building permit application. A road access permit is required PRIOR to submitting your building application. Changing or adding an access onto a county maintained road must be approved by the Public Works Department located in Building 8, (EXT. 450) Access onto state highways requires Department of Transportation approval, (360) 705-7000. For Department of Natural Resources Right of Way Access contact Steve Hahn at (800) 527-3305.
  • The following projects require review and approval of the Fire Marshal: 1. Commercial projects, 2. Above ground and underground fuel tank installations, 3. Fire protection systems, 4. Spray painting processes, 5. Use, handling and storage of combustible liquids and hazardous materials. (EXT. 273)
  • Contact Mason County PUD #3 at (360) 426-0888 or PUD 1 at (360) 877-5249 for a New Service or Altered Service/Added Load application for power installation or upgrades. Contact the power company at least 4 weeks in advance of building permit application.

    NOTE: Once an application is submitted for review, the applicant acknowledges that it will be necessary for Mason County Employees to conduct required site inspections on the property until project completion. If the site is secured, please make arrangements in advance for access to the site.