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Mason County 2036 Comprehensive Plan Update


Mason County last completed a major update to its 20 year plan in 2005.  In response to new County policies and the State’s requirements, the County is in the process of making necessary updates.  The Mason County Commission established the scope of this Plan on February 17, 2015, focusing on four primary areas of improvement:

  • Updating population and employment forecasts
  • Reflecting required changes in state law
  • Revising our Countywide Planning Policies
  • Incorporating new public input

Our Comprehensive Plan meets the requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act by helping protect our environment, quality of life, and economic development.


What is the Process for Updating the Long Range Plan?

The Plan is made up of nine (9) chapters or “elements” addressing transportation, utilities, housing, economic development and more.  The Mason County Planning Commission started reviewing elements of the Plan in 2015 and will continue to do so through the first half 2017. Then, the County Commissioners will review the Planning Commission's recommendation for adopting an updated plan with a target of adopting the final Plan in Fall of 2017.


DRAFT Comprehensive Plan chapters available for public review:


Draft Chapters



1   Introduction – Citizen’s Guide   A summary of the goals, policies and trends contained in the 20 year Comprehensive Plan
2   Countywide Planning Policies (CWPP)   Policies that ensure implementation of the Comprehensive Plan and consistency between cities and county.
3   Land Use Element (includes the Shelton/Mason Joint Plan)   Designating the proposed general distribution and general location and extent of the uses of land and related trends.
4   Rural Element  

Addresses extent of rural lands and establishes policies to maintain rural character.

5   Housing Element   Identifies the mix and number of housing units necessary to manage projected growth and establishes related policies and goals.
6   Capital Facilities Plan   Inventories and projects the future need for capital facilities owned by public entities including a minimum 6 year financing plan
7   Utilities Element   Inventories the existing utilities and projects the needs, capacity, and location of  proposed utilities
8   Transportation Element   Provides the analytics, policy review, and systems evaluation to identify transportation needs that support the other elements of the Comprehensive Plan
9   Parks and Trails Plan   Lays the groundwork for the future of the Mason County Facilities, Parks and Trails system.
10   Economic Development Element   Establishes local goals, policies, objectives, and provisions for economic growth and vitality and a high quality of life including planning for a variety of rural densities, uses, essential public facilities, and rural governmental services needed to serve the permitted densities and uses in the rural areas of Mason County.
11   Health and Human Services   Establishes goals and strategies that promote a healthy living environment for the betterment of the community including an inventory and projection of needs for parks and recreation.
12   Plan Implementation and Monitoring  

Describes steps to put the plan into action, how this Plan is updated and amended, and how the Plan is monitored and evaluated.


Who do I contact with questions or comments?

Please contact us with questions, comment or to request a copy of materials.

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