To reach the people / departments listed below, please dial (360) 427-9670, then the three digit extenson listed below.
Permit Center 
General Questions ext. 352
Record Requests ext. 352
Building Code Questions   ext. 352 
Building Inspection Request (During Business Hours) ext. 352 
Planning Department Questions   ext. 352
Planning Manager   ext. 286  
Public involvement information / mailing list   ext. 352  
Copies of planning regulations or ordinances ext. 352
Land Division, Boundary Line Adjustments, Forest Practices ext. 571
Job Title
Phone Extension
Drew Carlson Building Inspector 285 Email Me
Kathy Chaussee Senior Accounting Tech 362 Email Me
Curtis Ek Code Enforcement 357 Email Me
Mariah Frazier Clerk 365 Email Me
Julia Kerkes Permit Specialist 236 Email Me
Dave Kuzawa Building Inspector 510 Email Me
Josh Luck Building Inspector II 726 Email Me
Michael MacSems Planner IV 571 Email Me
Jayme Martin Code Enforcement Officer 363 Email Me
Genie McFarland Permit Specialist I 284 Email Me
Grace Miller Planner III - Lead 360 Email Me
Kristopher Nelsen PAC Manager 359 Email Me
Nicole Norris Building Inspector 408 Email Me
Ariane Paysse Permit Specialist I 355 Email Me
Kell Rowen Planning Manager 286 Email Me
Scott Ruedy Planner III 287 Email Me
Amber Selby Clerical 561 Email Me
Michael Six Fire Marshal 282 Email Me
Marissa Watson Planner 367 Email Me
David Windom Director 260 Email Me
Tricia Woolett Building Inspector I 281 Email Me