October 24, 2000


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson John A. Bolender who led the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioners Cynthia D. Olsen and Mary Jo Cady were in attendance.



Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to approve the 10/17/00 minutes as circulated. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye.





Letter was received from the Truman Glick Memorial Park Advisory Board expressing their appreciation that the park has been kept in excellent condition thanks to Mike Byrne and Jesse Weston.



Received a copy of the Port of Tahuyas 2001 budget.



The Washington State Auditors office provided the audit for the period of January 1, 1999 through December 31, 1999 and noted that the County complied with state laws and regulations, its own policies and procedures, and federal financial assistance requirements. The Countys financial statements were accurate and complete. They offered some suggestions for internal controls, which could be improved within three departments.



Teamsters Local No. 378 submitted their official opening notice for the purpose of negotiating changes in their contract for Mason County Juvenile Detention Officers.



In accordance with RCW 73.08.040, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 5372 submitted a Letter of Intent to Furnish Veterans Assistance for 2001.



Michael & Cynthia Creighton and Katrina Byerly noted their approval and support for the proposed Belfair Bypass project. Copy also was sent to Public Works.





Ione Siegler, Budget Director, requested the Board approve a resolution setting a public hearing to consider a supplemental appropriation to the Current Expense Fund for Emergency Management for the purchase of an emergency generator.


Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to approve Resolution No. 106-00 and set a public hearing on a proposed supplemental appropriation to the 2000 budget for Emergency Management/Current Expense Fund in the estimated amount of $25,780 on November 14, 2000 at 9:15 a.m. in the Commissioners' Chambers. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye. Resolution No. 106-00 (Exhibit A)



Bob Thuring, Public Works, announced they will purchase a 300 gallon, skid mounted, sprayer/de-icer from Spray Center Electronics, Inc. Estimated cost is $7,000.00.


HEARING - Consider an amendment to the Mason County Development Regulations to allow for the construction of fire stations in the designated rural areas of Mason County.

Bob Fink, Planning, presented the staff report. This hearing is to consider public comment on the adoption of Ordinance 102-00 which amended the development regulations to allow for the construction of fire stations in the designated Rural Areas of Mason County.


The ordinance provides that Mason County will be able to issue permits for the construction of fire stations only after the state Hearings Board determines that the provision does not interfere with the goals of the Growth Management Act (GMA).


Cmmr. Cady asked if there is a timeline the Hearings Board has to respond that this provision does not interfere with the goals of the GMA.


Mr. Fink believes there is a provision for an expedited review of a motion. The County would have to make a motion and bring it to the attention of the Hearings Board.


Cmmr. Bolender explained that because Mason County is out of compliance we are not able to issue commercial building permits outside of the UGAs of Shelton and Belfair. This ordinance would allow for fire stations only.


Mr. Fink noted that he talked to WA State Community Development and they didn't see this as an interference with the GMA from their point of view.


Cmmr. Cady asked if this would eliminate the need for any additions to a fire station to be connected by a walkway.


Mr. Fink answered yes, it could be on the same property that they currently have facilities, or on separate property.


Robert Allyn, Grapeview, understands the Grapeview Fire District is planning to expand their station and this ordinance would help.


Constance Ibsen, Union, stated she hopes this doesn't add to the GMA bashing. She believes the GMA does allow for public safety.


Cmmr Bolender replied they have a written opinion from the Hearings Board that they do not consider fire stations essential public facilities and therefore could not be built in rural areas. That is why the Board is taking this action.


Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to approve the proposed Findings of Fact in support of the adoption of Ordinance No. 102-00 and the Chair sign them on behalf of the Board. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye.



Assumption; From: Pamela J. Mark dba Roadside Restaurant & Lounge; Applicants: Roadside Caf Lounge, Inc. Philip & Daisy Gillard; Tradename: Roadside Caf-Lounge; Privileges Applied For: Spirits/Beer/Wine Restaurant Lounge.


Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded there are no objections to the liquor license application assumption from Pamela J. Mark dba Roadside Restaurant & Lounge; Applicants: Roadside Cafe Lounge, Inc. Philip & Daisy Gillard; Tradename: Roadside Cafe-Lounge; Privileges Applied for: Spirits/Beer/Wine Restaurant Lounge. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye.



Douglas Drinkall (VFW 1694) - $227.94 utilities

Rodney Thompson (VFW 1694) - $204.58 utilities

Cecil R. Dunigan (VFW 5372) Utilities $306.00

Larry M. Tunno (VFW 5372) Utilities $165.00

Carl E. Christiansen (VFW 5372) Mortgage $200.00; Utilities $200.00


The Veterans Assistance Screening Committee is recommending approval of the above listed applications totaling $1,303.52


Cmmr. Olsen/Cady moved and seconded to approve the Veterans' Assistance applications as recommended by the Veterans' Assistance Screening Committee in the total amount of $1,303.52. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye.



Request from Michael MacSems, Planning, to set a hearing to consider the removal of the utility easement for Joseph Castanguay at Colony Surf, Division 2, lots 7 & 8. Suggested date is 11/14/00 at 9:30 a.m.

Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to set a hearing for Joseph Castanguay, Colony Surf, Division 2, lots 7 & 8 on 11/14/00 at 9:30 a.m. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye.


A petition with over 60% of the qualified voters was received for annexation into the Mason County Fire Protection District No. 9. The Fire District has recommended that a hearing be dispensed with and the territory shall become subject to the indebtedness, bonded or otherwise, of the existing district. A draft resolution was presented for adoption.

Cmmr Cady read aloud the proposed resolution.

Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to adopt Resolution No. 107-00 as read into the record by Cmmr. Cady. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye. Resolution No. 107-00 (Exhibit B)


Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to cancel the Board of Health meeting on 11/2/00 due to no business. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye.


Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to set a hearing on 11/28/00 at 7:30 p.m. to consider testimony for a resolution that proposes filtering visual images on computers in the Timberland Regional Library to those under 18 years of age. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye.


Ed Amick, Belfair, asked about stream boundaries with regard to GMA.

Cmmr. Bolender stated this hearing is to take testimony on the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). He answered that the GMA requirements do allow people to remodel their residences. If they are within a building setback such as a stream buffer, there are restrictions. He asked that Mr. Amick contact the Planning Department for specifics.

Mr. Amick asked why they didn't receive a letter when the Board was negotiating with the Overton's regarding the Bypass.

Cmmr. Bolender stated the agreement the County has with the Overton's was negotiated with the previous Board. This Board has honored that agreement as a planning document. If it is possible to use the alignment that Mr. Overton has offered, they will utilize it. If there is a need to change the alignment, that might require a renegotiation with Mr. Overton.

Mr. Amick referred to a waiver from State Auditor's office with regard to the Clifton Road.

Cmmr. Bolender responded it was a waiver from the WA State Department of Transportation (WASHDOT). An exception can be made in the standards but it has to be reviewed by WASHDOT to make sure safety concerns are not compromised.

Dave Sims, Alta Drive - Belfair, supports the Bypass. He thanked the Board for being far-sighted enough to plan for the future.

Billie Eckstrom, Rasor Road - Belfair, asked if there is any progress on the Rasor Road access. She expressed her concern for safety.


Cmmr. Bolender answered they have briefed with Public Works and they are moving forward as proposed. The County is looking at an interim access. They do need to negotiate with property owners to use the existing easement.

Terry Bacon, Alta Drive - Belfair, asked if the County has purchased any land for the Bypass to date.

Cmmr. Cady stated they have purchased 40 acres and if the bus garage needs to be relocated that acreage would be used. This land is also intended for other future County uses.

Cmmr. Bolender explained the Bypass is proposed to go through the North Mason School District bus garage. Because of that, the County would be required to relocate the bus garage. The 40 acre parcel would allow for that.


Ms. Bacon asked if this property cost was included in the projected Bypass costs.

Cmmr. Bolender answered that the Bypass anticipated moving the bus garage. The parcel that was purchased is larger than necessary with the intention of being able to expand the County services in the North Mason area. The former owner is retaining the trees on the parcel.

Ms. Bacon asked who Overton & Associates are.

Cmmr. Bolender knows them to be Peter Overton and his family.

Ms. Bacon asked if Skillings & Connolly has stopped looking for an alternate route around the Alta-Brook development.

Cmmr. Bolender answered he does not know that.

Ms. Bacon noted that the land the Overton's donated has wetlands on it. She asked if they have donated any other land or has the County purchased any other land for the Bypass.

Cmmr. Cady replied they are negotiating at this time on an alternate route.

Ms. Bacon asked how much more land is needed.

The Board answered this will be unknown until the environmental studies are complete.

Ms. Bacon asked if there are any other land owners besides Krueger and Overton in the Bypass corridor that the County is presently dealing with.

Cmmr. Bolender stated he does not know who all the property owners are. There are a number of them. She can obtain the information from Public Works.

Ms. Bacon then asked about the access road from Clifton Ridge to the Bypass Road. Is this a County road and has the unfinished portion of the road been figured into the original cost of the $630,000 or will there be an additional cost to the County or Mr. Krueger.

Cmmr. Cady stated there will be an additional cost to the County when it goes across the tracks and connects to the Bypass.

Maximus Loya stated he believes displacing citizens from their homes shouldn't happen in America because of government action. He will not be displaced, but the road will butt up against his property. He is for the Bypass but wants an alternative route that doesn't displace people. He asked why the Clifton Ridge Road has a gate.

Cmmr. Bolender answered that it hasn't been accepted into the County Road System at this time. It will be proposed to be adopted in the near future.


Mr. Loya asked what the citizens are receiving from the $3 million plus dollars in consulting fees.

Cmmr. Bolender responded the consultant is determining where the environmentally sensitive areas are before the road can be designed and constructed.

Jeff Carey, Allyn Sub-Area Group, supports the Belfair Bypass but not as an arterial road. They hope it junctions into the County. With regard to the 101 Study they agreed the study needs to be finished up and determine the route because some day there will need to be an alternate route. They are concerned with the cost and asked that it not go any higher.

Cmmr. Bolender noted there are layers of environmental rules and regulations that need to be complied with, which drives the cost up.

Cmmr. Cady pointed out that is why they need to determine where the 101 Connector might be located in the future, so homes are not built there and then displaced.

Mr. Carey asked that information from the studies be communicated to the Allyn Subarea group and other community groups so it is known up front.

Cmmr. Olsen stated the Board is also concerned with the cost issues. $3.2 million dollars has been appropriated, to this point $2.9 has been spent, so the appropriation limit hasn't been reached.

Personally speaking, Mr. Carey is happy with the plan for Grapeview Loop as a route across Highway 3. He expressed support of GIS.

Constance Ibsen, Union, asked about the legal opinion on the existing Rasor Road that was mentioned at the previous hearing.

Mr. Bullock stated staff has been in communication with the Prosecuting Attorney's office.

Cmmr. Bolender stated unless there is a legal issue, his recommendation is to leave the project as proposed. Currently, it is a non-maintained county road.

Ms. Ibsen reviewed the history of Belfair Bypass and various proposals on how it would be designed. She believes people think when the term bypass is used, it means a quick way around Belfair similar to the Sequim bypass. However, it looks like it is a road designed so the ridge can be developed and take a little bit of traffic off of Highway 3.

Cmmr. Cady stated the Belfair Bypass would be more like the Poulsbo bypass which goes through a developed area. The Belfair UGA goes up on the hill and a bypass road will go through an area that will have development on both sides, she anticipates frontage roads and there will be limited access. This will not be like the Sequim bypass.

Cmmr Bolender noted it is being designed as a through road with a higher speed limit than you would find in downtown Belfair.

Cmmr. Olsen pointed out the Overtons proposal is just that, a proposal.

Ms. Ibsen asked that it be clear what the roadway will be.

John Komen, Mason Lake, asked if the Board was aware that in the 1996 agreement with the Overtons it reserves eight access intersections along the Belfair Bypass for the Overtons.

Cmmr. Bolender responded they are aware of that.

Mr. Komen asked how it can be said there is no final design.

The Board stressed there is no final design. It is still being negotiated.

Mr. Komen asked if the Board believes eight intersections along a 3.4 mile project is adequate.

Cmmr. Bolender stated they will not draw any conclusions until the studies are complete.

Mr. Komen stated Cmmr. Bolender and Jerry Hauth, at the 10/10/00 hearing, stated the State Auditor and the County Prosecutor had cleared the Clifton Ridge Road project. He asked if the Board is aware that the State Auditor took no such action.

Cmmr. Bolender stated that the State Auditor was doing an in-depth review of that issue, it is on-going and underway currently.

Cmmr. Cady clarified there were two issues in front of the State Auditor this year. One was the annual County audit and the other was the Clifton Ridge Road. When the State Audit report came out, there was nothing in there talking about the Clifton Ridge Road. The Board assumed, because there was nothing said, there was no issue with the State Auditor. She has since called the State Auditor's office, because there was a complaint against her being a commissioner and having anything to do with that road. She was told they are still investigating that part of it, it wasn't included in the County audit because it is a different issue.

Cmmr. Olsen noted they do have a Prosecutor's opinion.

Cmmr. Cady stated the State Auditor didn't see a problem with putting the Clifton Ridge Road on the County road log because of this investigation.

The TIP-CAP process was discussed. At the last TIP-CAP meeting in August, Public Works had indicated that unless there were substantial changes from the open house meetings, that would be the last TIP-CAP meeting before the TIP was presented to the Board in a hearing. The Board understands the TIP-CAP meetings will continue.

Mr. Komen asked for an estimated total cost of the study.


Cmmr. Bolender stated this is unknown until the study is complete.

Richard Bell, member of TIP-CAP, North Mason Chamber, EDC, expressed support of the 2001-2006 TIP as does the majority of the TIP-CAP. He is not in agreement with the TIP-CAP minority report. He stated #7, 101 Connector Study, has been on-going and should be completed. He is also supportive of item #15, the Belfair Bypass. He stated #18, Rasor Road has a legitimate need for the safety and health of the residents of the area.

He believes the Belfair Bypass would be a welcome relief as an alternative route through and around Belfair. He pointed out that growth will not go away and we must prepare for it.

Mr. Bell agreed that at the August TIP-CAP meeting, there wasn't anything new to add and if anything were to come up at the open houses, they would review it. The biggest thing they identified was Rasor Road and they spent many hours on the 101 Bypass.

Drew Noble, Shelton, TIP-CAP member, agreed with Richard Bell's testimony. He also understood that if something came up at the open houses they would have considered it. For the most part, the list is as it was before. He supports GIS.

Harry Martin, Belfair, TIP-CAP member, also agreed with Mr. Bell's testimony and is in favor of the TIP as presented.

He read aloud a letter from Phil Wolff, Grapeview, TIP-CAP member who supports the TIP.

Mr. Martin sees a small group of people trying to stop the planning for the future of Mason County.

Cindy Creighton, Alta Drive, Belfair, is a resident that would be bought out for the Belfair Bypass project. She has been in contact with Jerry Hauth regarding the process and he has been very accommodating. She is in support of the Belfair Bypass because they want their children to grow and prosper in Belfair. She would like the Bypass expedited so they can move on with their lives.

Brian Conklin, Trails End Drive, Belfair, expressed support of the Belfair Bypass and to expedite the process. The Bypass will offer new opportunities for businesses.

Tim Wing, Belfair, stated he supports the Belfair Bypass. It is his opinion that it has always been presented as a bypass/multi-purpose road with multiple accesses. It is needed for safety so there is another route through Belfair. He displayed a map of the Belfair UGA demonstrating how small the lots are in the major part of Belfair which do not allow the businesses to expand. He pointed out that GMA requires 65% of future growth go into the UGA and appropriate infrastructure is required to support commercial development. He urged the Board to move ahead with the Bypass and encouraged the Board to explore any alternative route so people are not displaced.

Norm Eveleth, Arcadia Shores Road, TIP-CAP member, stated that as a committee they were not allowed to deal with the Belfair Bypass and 101 Connector Road. He doesn't oppose the Bypass as a two-lane road. His concern is if a four lane highway is built connecting Highway 101 and Highway 16 it will bring traffic that will only travel through the county. He opposes the 101 Connector.

Cmmr. Cady pointed out that Highway 3 in Kitsap County has right-of-way for four lanes and Highway 101 stops with four lanes at Lake Isabella so the potential is already there. She noted when there is a problem with the Narrows Bridge, traffic has been rerouted through Mason County. She doesn't believe that to have right-of-way for four lanes, is imprudent.

Mr. Eveleth doesn't believe the committee did their job. They do need to elect a chair the next time around.

Jim Egan, Tee Lake Road - TIP-CAP, stated growth will happen and it needs to be managed. He remembers discussing the Belfair Bypass extensively in the TIP-CAP meetings. He supports the Belfair Bypass.

Erlene Amick, Belfair, agrees the Belfair Bypass needs to move forward. Their home has been tagged to be bought out. This is the end of their dream and they located to Belfair to have a small community lifestyle. She loves their location and is sorry to leave. She wants people to realize the impact this has on those who have to relocate.

Bob Allyn, TIP-CAP and Port of Grapeview, stated the Belfair Bypass is intended to relieve traffic through Belfair. He hopes the engineering report will include appropriate, lighted interchanges. He commended Peter Overton for donating the land to start the bypass process. He acknowledged it is an on-going process and there has to be a mutual benefit for all parties.

Mr. Allyn stated there was no October TIP-CAP meeting because nothing substantial changed after it was approved in August so it wasn't necessary.

He supports the six year plan. He stated as a committee, they chose to not hear anything more than was necessary on the Connector and the Bypass as there was already a steering committee in place for the Bypass, they wanted to concentrate on the other roads. He also supports the Rasor Road project.

Cmmr. Cady/Olsen moved and seconded to adopt Resolution No. 108-00 adopting the Mason County 2001-2006 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program as presented by staff. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; O-aye; C-aye. Resolution NO. 108-00 (Exhibit C)

Cmmr. Cady and Cmmr. Olsen thanked the TIP-CAP and Public Works for all their work.

Cmmr. Bolender stated that although he has asked the Board to set aside the 101 Connector Study, he can support the Six Year TIP because he is in favor of the majority of the projects and it is a process of compromise.

Cmmr. Cady noted there are two ballot issues that could change this TIP, I-745 and I-722.







Claims Clearing














The meeting adjourned at 9:32 p.m.









Rebecca S. Rogers, Clerk of the Board






John A. Bolender, Chairperson




Mary Jo Cady, Commissioner




Cynthia D. Olsen, Commissioner