In our continuing effort to provide professional, informative and updated information to the taxpayers of Mason County, comparable sales information is available by Area & Neighborhood.

The sales data provided is for general information purposes only. Information in part may be omitted or incomplete, but does not affect the validity of the sale.

Please Note: Sales identified “Yes” were used in the Mass Appraisal process to establish the Area/Neighborhood factor. These sales are not intended to be used as support for individual property assessments. (WAC 458-070-030 & RCW 84.40.030)


AREA 1 (Matlock / Brockdale / Lake Limerick)

N1: Lake Limerick / Brockdale / McCreavy
N3: Hanks Lake / Eells Hill Road / California Rd
N4: Highland Road / Dayton Trails
N5: (Non-Waterfront) Fawn Lake & Lynch Rd & Kamilche
N5: (Salt Water) Lynch Rd & Kamilche
N6: Cloquallum Rd / Lost Lake
N6: (Waterfront) Lost Lake
N7: Lake Arrowhead & Star Lake
N8: Lake Nahwatzel
N9: Matlock

AREA 2 (City of Shelton / Island Lake / Arcadia)

N1: Shelton Matlock Rd / Dayton / Shelton Valley Rd / Sanderson Field
N2: Brockdale / Island Lake / Hiawatha / Shelton Springs Rd
N3: State Route 3 / Bayshore / Johns Prairie / Oak Park / Capital Hill
N4: Angleside / Capital Hill / Downtown Shelton / Mountain View / Shelton Springs Development
N6 Arcadia / Mill Creek / Totten Shores
N7: (Waterfront) Arcadia / Mill Creek / Totten Shores

AREA 3 (Union / Alderbrook / Hoodsport / Lilliwaup)

Blue Heron Condos
N1: Union
N2: Hoodsport / Potlatch
N3: Lake Cushman
N4: Triton Head / Longwood Beach / Colony Surf
N5: US Hwy 101 / North of Lilliwaup / Skokomish Valley Rd

AREA 4 (Belfair / Dewatto / Tahuya)

N1: Belfair / Highway 3
N2: North Shore / Mission Creek
N3: Beards Cove / Lynch Cove
N4: Romance Hill
N5: Golden Bell Mobile Home Park
N6: Old Belfair Highway / Highway 3
N7: Old Belfair Highway / Bear Creek Dewatto
N8: Tiger Lake/ Panther Lake / Haven Lake / Wooten Lake / Tee Lake
N9: Bear Creek Dewatto / Effendahl Pass
N10: Dewatto / Tahuya Uplands
N11: Collins Lake / Maggie Lake
N12: North Shore Uplands / Tahuya River / Mission Creek
N13: State Route 106 / Highway 3
N14: North Shore Waterfront

AREA 5 (Mason Lake / Grapeview / Allyn)

Lakeland Village
N1: North Bay Road / State Route 3 / Olympic Shore
N2: South Shore / State Route 106
N3: Coulter Creek to Sherwood (Rasor Rd / Lake Deveraux / Trails End)
N4: Allyn
N5: Grapeview Loop Rd (Detroit / Treasure Island / Pirate’s Cove)
N6: Mason / Benson Lake

AREA 6 (Agate / Timberlakes / Spencer Lake / Pickering / Harstine Island)

N1: Harstine Island
N2: Pickering & Grapeview Loop
N3: Spencer Lake & Phillips Lake
N4: Timberlakes
N5: Agate & Shorecrest
N6: North of Hwy 3 – Deer Creek