Stormwater Task Force

Mason County Commissioners established a Stormwater Task Force on October 27, 2009 by Resolution No. 90-09.  Participation was sought from stakeholders with varying interests and areas of expertise.  A news release was distributed in December 2009, and Task Force members were appointed in early April, 2010.  The first Stormwater Task Force (SWTF) Meeting was held on April 29, 2010.  Meetings have generally been held monthly over the past year.

Mason County Commissioners recently approved Resolution No. 50-11 which extended the Task Force term to June 30, 2012 allowing time to complete Task Force recommendations on water resource program elements and funding options.

Mason County Stormwater Task Force Mission Statement

The Stormwater Task Force will submit recommendations to the Mason County Commissioners for their consideration that guide the funding, implementation, and public outreach and education on the County’s stormwater management plan.  These recommendations are aimed at preserving, protecting and enhancing Mason County’s water resources and natural functions for all beneficial uses.  Our recommendations will:

  • Be made in a collaborative manner, and under the umbrella of comprehensive water resource management;
  • Be realistic, understandable, and practicable;
  • Be based on the premise of shared responsibilities and partnerships;
  • Acknowledge and incorporate the benefits of adequate and sustainable funding, public involvement and education, incentives/disincentives, technical assistance and enforcement; and
  • Resonate with people from all backgrounds in the County.